Sunday, February 24, 2008

Single Mom's LIfe

I often feel so far removed from the rest of the world. My life is a series of compromises. I like to think of them in terms of groceries.

If I have to buy these...

we only have these...

But if no one needs shoes, clothes, or a visit to the dentist, then we have this

and this

and this.

(**NOTE: This is a good grocery month. The kids are very excited about the snack offerings currently available in the kitchen.)

Sometimes I read blogs and think...WOW. I must be living in an alternate universe.

But, I just did my taxes. One of the perks of being "Head of the Household" is that tax time is actually fun! I always end up with a nice surprise at the end. The grown up who lives in my head thinks it should probably go towards paying off my student loan.

The rest of me thinks it should do what it always does and spend it on this:

Trips with mom months are ever bit as wonderful as good grocery months. Don't you think?


  1. I like trips. The thing that I don't like is how much money goes on them, but well... some trips are very worth it;)


  2. Ok, I really should stop procrastinating and do our taxes...

  3. Quality Time...with Mom...but bring a few snacks too!

  4. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I am sooo ready for a trip!
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  5. Trips are the best - especially to the beach (with a picnic hamper!). If you had a life full of everything you all desired the whole time - you wouldn't appreciate (or even notice) the good times, treats or simple pleasures! Now that would be sad!

  6. I was a single mom for almost 20 years and I sure do understand about the compromises! One thing I really regret was being practical with any "extra" money that came along. I should have taken the kids on a trip or two - in the long run they're much more valuable (and much more fun!0


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