Saturday, May 03, 2008

Weekend WooHoo!

(But where did the week go?) If you haven't voted in the PR Wardrobe Contest, all of the entries are up and voting has begun! There are SO many great entries! But my favorites are Emo's "The Clothes Make the Economist" (I would wear every single piece here.)

and I also loved and Reehti's Mellow Yellow:

I did make a decision between the two and voted. Go vote for your favorite!

I haven't done any sewing yet this weekend, but I did win these on ebay this week and they arrived yesterday! I love both of them!

And while perusing some of my Etsy buddies' stores, I ran across these HILARIOUS cards from a fellow Okie girl, The Surly Girlie: For when you just can't find it in the Hallmark section...

And my personal favorite...

(Not that I would ever need any of these. Of course.)


  1. Those cards are too funny!

  2. Those patterns are great steals! And that wardrobe contest--decisions, decisions...I'm having quite a hard time deciding as usual.

  3. I just found your blog by accident, and I'm featured! Ooh, so flattered!

  4. LOL that PMS card is one I think I've needed thousands of through the years... I think I owe some peoples that card....



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