Sunday, June 01, 2008

BWOF 08-2007-105

One down!

I decided on the #105 knit top from the 08/2007 issue of BWOF. I really think it turned out cute too! I graded this pattern up to a 46, but I think I would have liked it a bit better in this clingy rayon jersey if I had went up one more size. I also did an FBA on the front pieces. It wasn't that difficult and made a huge difference in how the front fits.

The chest/shoulder area fits well...but I have some back rolls that aren't terribly attractive. Of course this top was meant to be slim-fitting, I think, and I'm probably too fluffy to wear 'very fitted' garments well. As such, I will probably wear a microfiber cami under this to smooth things out. I'll try to get a pic of the top on me tomorrow when there's lots of light outside!

Other changes...I added an inch to the armbands, and they are still pretty snug. Not unwearable tight, but I could have used another inch I think. The V-neck is also pretty low (isn't that just like BWOF though? Tight arms and deep V necks??) But the V is such a neat look when it goes together!

Mind you there are next to NO instructions for putting the V together. They state something to the tune of "stitch front bodice top to bodice bottom. Fronts will meet in center". Except that the bodice bottom comes to a point at the center, and the bodice top is in 2 pieces (each in a point). How do you meet two point pieces at a point? I pinned all of this really well, butting the top bodice pieces together as close as possible to the point, then hand-basted it before stitching. It came out nicely!

The rest of the instructions were very straightforward. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the facing strip on the neckline. It is a long strip of fabric folded lengthwise, then stitched on top of the color & neckline. Trim and turn under, then topstitch with a twin needle. It's a nice look from the topside, but my topstitching isn't so perfect on the underside. Oh well, I guess no one's going to see that part!

Lu wants a top like this so I might just trace off the smallest size and see if I can get it to fit her. Not right now though, I'm tired of this one and ready to move on!


  1. Your top is really cute!!!

  2. Nice top! I think those instructions would have had me calling for help.

  3. Anonymous4:42 AM

    i really like this, I totally forgot about this tee, i think I would do it in black, I will pull that mag out later

  4. This top is very cute! I really like your color choice and the style of this shirt.

  5. Oh, I really like it! Love that color too.

  6. Girl are you ever NOT busy? That top is very cute! I got you email hun!! I will be emailing you back shortly!! I am so sad you decided to leave The Chicks but completely understand!!
    O BTW I chose your blog for the Arte Y Pico Award! So please come to my blog to check it out!!


  7. Just whizzing by but I LOVE this!!

  8. OMG I love the top, the fabric and the colour!

  9. Cute, I wish I had your sewing talent! Not to mention my sewing machine is possessed by the devil and jams up after about a row of stitches!!! I would also have the problem of having to make duplicates X 2 for big girl and sister too!"See" you soon!

  10. I'm lovin' that top! I have a Burda mag with similar style from a year or two ago but without the collar. It was always on my mind to make but haven't gotten around to it. Your top is a motivator for sure!


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