Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lost & Found

Have you seen this BWOF? I have spent the better part of 2 hours, on 3 different days, looking for this little bugger. It has vanished.

Actually, I don't recall seeing it for many, many moons. I'm guessing it got tossed out by accident during the last big fabric cleanout/stash straightening. See, yet another reason NOT to organize. ARGH.

Of course I WANT IT NOWWW. There are at least 2 tops and a dress I want to make. I posted a Want Ad on PR, but just in case one of you lovely lurkers has a copy they don't want...give a girl a comment?? Or an email?? jemimabean at gmail dot com.

Yesterday I picked up some cute fabric while in town. This tone on tone jade stripe rayon jersey is very nice! The stripe has bit of sheen.

I have several pattern contenders for this one, and 3 yards, but I'm leaning towards these two BWOF tops. I have a thing for tie neck tops, but I don't really need long sleeves as in #101. I really like the short sleeve top #105, but I would have to do some serious bust altering to get the girls fitted into this one. Hmmm.

And this fabric is an unknown fiber, but I'm guessing a rayon. I have a couple of other pieces like this and they are both crinkly rayon. It's lightweight and very drapey. I love the turquoise vertical stripes! Like lightening bolts. But what to make???

I've been through my BWOF (you know, distracted while searching for 05-07) and nothing jumped out at me. I need your help bloggers! Pattern ideas? I have 3 yards, so a dress or top, almost anything goes! Give me your best shot!

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