Sunday, June 22, 2008

BWOF 6-08-123

If you find yourself humming the Flashdance theme later today...I take full responsibility.

(Please ignore the blatant jazz hands.) Yup, my photo is off-center. But I took this blasted picture with my camera timer 15 times. This was the best of the lot.

Ok, the BEST of the lot was probably this one, but I cut my head off. And the whole point of me photog'ing ME was so you could see my lovely (no shower yet --it's 7 a.m.-- no hair do, no make up) face. Plus, I look like I don't have a neck in this one. On the positive side, no jazz hands.

And I tried cropping the first one so that it was just the ME face and the top, but I look all out of proportion without ankles. I'm glad I have them in real life.

Here's my shoes, since I put them on special for the "shoot" and they were cut off by my timer suckage:

Yes my friends, to complete the post-disco era fashion statement I give you disco ball flip-flops (or as I like to call them--loudly, in front of Lu, in public--THONGS.) Tar-jay, $12.99.

Oh yeah, back to the pattern. I love it. It's not something I'll be making again in several colors, obviously. But it turned out SO cute. I'm going on vacation at the end of the week and this is a perfect beach vacation top.

It's still unhemmed, because I'm not sure about the length. I played with it last night and it actually looks cute shorter, but there's something sloppy and fun about the longer length so I'll probably leave it.

I cut the 46 and the only alteration I made was to scoot the CF over about 1.5" to allow for my chest appendages. I don't think the BWOF model had any, so I figured I better make allowances.

I did run into a bit of "I have to walk away or I'm going to rip this goshforsaken magazine to shreds" trouble with the neckline. Here' the line drawing:

So, after you bind the holes over the shoulders (easy), you go to work on the neckbands. The odd part (to me) is that you do the front & back bands separately before ever attaching at shoulder seams. The other odd part is that their directions for applying the neckband facings SUCK. (ok, not odd.) Ahem.

To save you a lot of hair-pulling, I'll share what I eventually figured out (one Fool's Gold viewing and a trip to WM for Tylenol later.) You place the front neckband & facing RST and stitch the top (neck) side completely across. Then on the bottom side of the facing/neckband, you only stitch up to the edge of the shoulder-hole binding. Then you have this little bit of a "tube" to turn right sides out. That's it. There's a whole convoluted paragraph in BWOF on this, but this is actually what they meant. Repeat for the back facing/neckband.

Then you just press under the remaining seam allowances of the facings and baste, topstitch. I skipped the basting because I'm a rebel like that. (I did pin.) To join the neckbands, you stitch the neckband at the shoulder seams, and then hand-stitch the facing closed (the facing seam allowance was pressed under earlier.)

And while you'd think watching Kate Hudson cavorting about in a tiny bikini with Matthew McConaughey would diminish my desire to wear a sexy hole-shoulder'd be so wrong! Look at my cute shoulders in those holes!

And those ankles. Wow.


  1. Very nice! That color is gorgeous on you! LOL I watched Fool's Gold last night too lol.

  2. Very cute!!! Nice to see the top completed...mine is done up to the neck pieces and I have some tweaking to do because my shoulder peeps were gapping out a bit. Thanks for the pointers on attaching the neck...I didn't read the instructions and you gave me some good ideas how to do it better! Mary

  3. it looks great on you, very flattering indeed and great color that style is so hot right now

  4. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I am all about accentuating the positive and this shirt does it for you. It looks great.

    Now, the next post I want to see you on a chair getting splashed with water .

    Hee hee

  5. I don't think you could be more adorable. Oh, and the top is cute too. I really want to make this top, but I need the 48, which it doesn't go up to. I haven't tried grading up on these patterns yet. Have fun on your vacation. Where are you going?

  6. Aaah, for the days when "thongs" only meant "shoes."

    The top looks great, I like the length as is.

  7. I left a comment at PR but I had to get the real scoop from you. I love your posts, you never hold anything back.

    I love the THONGS too. I say it at school sometimes and the 7th graders just look horrified.

    About the top; love it. Love the color; love the style. Just love it.

  8. This looks so good! I love it! Just remember to put some sunscreen on those shoulders- ask me how I know. Seriously, it looks great and this is the perfect top to take on vacation. Great Job!

    Shannon F

  9. The top looks great, as do the thongs, lol. Enjoy your vacation!

  10. Angie,
    You are hilarious!! Thanks for this witty post! It made me smile today.
    Also, thanks for the comment on my post.
    You can tell me the exciting news about your daughter....I'd love to hear it! :)

  11. Too cute! And so are you ... and your thongs - LOL!

  12. I love that top! Now I wish I would have bought that Simplicity one that is similar in style to the one you're wearing.

  13. I so totally knocked off your top. Yours inspired me. :)


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