Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I'm not ready!! Too late...my first day included a class of 24 (I have 24 seats, so full house). Four girls...20 boys. Freshman boys.

Most of my attention was directed towards maintaining order. Which is rather hard to do when you're busy biting your lip to keep from laughing. Silly boys.

And where did summer go, anyway?


  1. Oh, happy back-to-school, Angie! Twenty 9th-grade boys-- WOW.

  2. Angie, 20 boys is going to be rough. Please tell me you're not teaching the remedial kids. That would be 20 times worse! I'm getting ready to leave for the "Mother of all staff meetings." Then I go to work in the classroom, setting up boards, lesson planning, etc. I'm the roving teacher this year and I have three classrooms which I share with the most territorial teachers on staff. I think we're bothing going to need good luck this year.

  3. 24 is your max??? You are so lucky! My classroom will seat 35 students, and most hours are full or close to it! I'll have mostly juniors this year, in Statistics & Trig. Teacher workdays on Wed & Thur, then kids report for a half day on Sept. 2

  4. Mine come TOMORROW! And you suck. 36 is my max and I teach science. I love open flame, chemicals, and crazy 7th graders when I have 36 of them in a class. Qual-i-ty education is what I call it.

  5. I'm glad you kept your sense of humor, although I'm sure it won't last forever. :)

  6. Summer went WAY too fast! My kids started school Tuesday. In some ways it was too soon but in others it couldn't come fast enough.

    20 boys ought to be very interesting. :) They'll keep you on your toes for sure. I'm sure it will be a year to remember.


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