Friday, August 22, 2008

Today at the zoo...

me: All of you need to turn on your filter now!

them: Say what?

me: You know, the thing that connects your brain to your mouth. Turn it on please.

them: Why?

me: Because contrary to what you may believe, you actually DON'T have to say everything that
pops into your head. Out loud. At top decibel.

No way.

me: Way.

me again: See, just as soon as you feel those words coming out of your mouth, close your lips (cue demo of fingers pinching lips closed) and then THINK about whether you really need to say whatever it is. If you're not sure if it's appropriate...raise your hand and whisper it to me, and I'll let ya know.

them: (crickets)

(Jerrie this one was absolutely for you.)


  1. Surely that wasn't at the zoo LOL! Sounds like a typical conversation at my house.

  2. Mine goes something like "You don't have to express everythought you have every moment that you have it" (Actually a line from When Harry Met Sally.) Is it possible the zoo is really school??? I start next week ;)

  3. heee heeee. I can so picture this.

    Mine are still shocked that they are in middle school. Auuuugh. The honeymoon period.

  4. tee hee too funny lol


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