Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ok, back to school cra-,erm, stuff is kicking my butt. I haven't gotten to work on my wardrobe at all.

If I was a nail biter, I'd be chewed up by now. Lurker1 : "Will she finish?" Lurker2: "Finish? You moron. Will she start?"

me: "Oh, shut up." fabric is prewashed, so there. Well, OK. Not ALL my fabric. But my first piece! I'll be laying out and cutting tonight because I've nothing better to do. And it's the perfect Olympics watching activity.

Did you see this?

I missed viewing in real time by 4 STINKING MINUTES. But the replay video over at NBC is every bit as exciting as the real thing. Oh, ok, maybe not as the real thing but it's close.

I've developed a bit of a phan-girly crush on Mr. Phelps. And the fact that he calls Dara Torres (who's a whopping 4 years old than me) "Mom" diminishes the phan-girl not at all.

Here's a shoutout to my girl Tamara, who's been lurking, and who I will forever think of as my "Stepsister".

This is the vulgar-ist, raunchiest, wrong-est movie EVER. And we laughed our butt off. Hee.


  1. I can't wait to see that movie! LOL

  2. i was squealing like a little girl watching that race. it was amazing. i've been doing nothing at night except watching olympics (the men's team gymnastics final was great too)


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