Sunday, November 09, 2008

BWOF 09-07-121

This was a quick & relatively simple project from the September 2007 issue of BWOF. Here's the line drawing.
I like the pleats that are a bit asymmetrical and the tulip-y skirt. And that it's a knit pattern! I used the black poly/rayon doubleknit I picked up yesterday. Here's the finished jumper on the dressform with a red cami under it.

Note that the waistband in real life dips up rather than straight across like the line drawing. The pattern actually dips up a little, like a reverse shaped waistband. I still like it, although it is more pronounced on me since I'm a bit more well-endowed than Edith the dressform (ahem.)

I did a small FBA to the pattern and rotated most of the dart into the pleats in front, then eased the rest at the side seam. The front necklines are cut out on the fold, which is interesting. I ended up with a bit of gaposis too that I couldn't quite get rid of. It's not really noticeable, at least not more so than on the boobless model in the BWOF fashion spread. So I guess I'm Ok. Here's a close up of the front:

Speaking of bum is much more pronounced than Edith's. As a result, these cute pleats in the back skirt don't look quite like this on me:

In fact, they look downright horrendous on me. Sort of like I need a gigantic swayback adjustment (an alteration I don't do as a rule). So I made the executive decision to baste them down and I like them a lot better that way, and I'll be stitching them permanently down in back.

I'll probably also be stitching down the outer pleats in front. The inner pleats lay fine, but the outer pleats are just wonky (for lack of a better word!) I don't take comfort in the fact they look just as wonky & out of control in the magazine...I want them to look nice & orderly like the line drawing! You can't really tell anything from this shot of the skirt, except that Edith has an amazingly flat stomach. Heifer.

Yellow Cat helped with the photoshoot in the backyard. Mostly she looked up my skirt. Naughty kitty.

And I didn't waste the day on just one project...I actually started Christmas sewing! Here's a freestanding lace dove ornament from Ace Points Embroidery. I'll add it to my stash of Teacher/Sunday School teacher/Other quickie gifts. I might bling it up with some hotfix crystals, although it is really pretty just like this.

Just a tidbit...I have a thing for birds. Painted, stuffed, applique, lace...I love them. And in what can only be described as a bit of fate, yesterday while shopping I picked up a framed print for $20 with one of my favorite quotes on it:

Hope is the thing with feathers,
that perches in the soul...

--Emily Dickinson

All righty, I'm off to apply more burn cream to the really nasty steam burn I gave myself this afternoon. My right ring finger is in sad shape!


  1. This jumper is SO CUTE! I love the black and red checked fabric. What a speedy sewer you are. Instant gratification sewing is the best, right? P.S. My word verification is "deflog". Now what does that mean?!

  2. I love that dress! The ornament is lovely too. How did you assemble it? Are there project directions on the website?

  3. That jumper turned out great. I'd love to see it on a real person (as opposed to an unpadded out dress form).

    I barely got anything done. Finally hemmed the green twinset. Cut hubby's second fleece top/jacket. g

  4. Hee, hee. That heifer comment made me laugh out loud. Cute jumper. I love the red and black.

  5. Ohhhh that's pretty! You matched it up perfectly. I know I would've had such a hard time...

    The kitty is gorgeous, cats are so special! :):):)


  6. Ohmigosh I love this in a print. I really like it. I fear that if I looked at the pleats on my but I would not care for it either. I've read that some people putzed around until they got it to work. I, didn't look. This, is too too cute.

  7. Well, this advise is too late for this steam burn, but next time, before you apply the cream, IMMEDIATELY hold the burn under cold running water for at least two minutes--more if you feel the burn could be bad. I have a steam press and press my husband's shirt and pants and clip myself on the heat plate every so often. I currently have a burn that took a while to heal: it is still pink, because I did not want to take the time. My doctor was adament that this was the best thing to do for minor burns--I'm not talking 2nd or 3rd degree burns.


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