Saturday, November 15, 2008


This is the second half of the birthday gift for my sister, a scrappy patchwork scarf:

I was inspired by the scarves in Denyse Schmidt's Quilts book (which I don't own, but have thumbed through.) My scarf interpretation isn't quite as piecey and elaborate, but still quite cute!

I used 6 Amy Butler fat quarters, cut into 5" squares. Charm packs would be a great timesaver for this project! I just had my heart set on unmatched Amy Butler prints (that still "go"). I seamed the long strip of squares until I reached my desired length. Since I wanted the scarf to be extra long (to loop around the neck with flair), I made this scarf approximately 65" long.

Seams were pressed open, and a long strip of vintage white chenille was stitched right sides together for a backing. Turn & topstitch all around to finish. If I had had more time (I procrastinated just a bit on this one) I would have loved to handstitch an applique initial on one end, a'la Laverne. I also would have done some quilting stitches all along the scarf.

Still, it is awfully cute as is!! One more shot of Lu wearing the scarf before wrapping commenced...

And here's the birthday girl with a coffee filter hat brought out by the restaurant staff while singing the birthday song:

To my sister, who grabbed the nearest Louisville Slugger & chased a bully down the streets of a St. Louis suburb when he made me cry, who took my 5-week old baby home when I was hospitalized for 10 days and mothered him when I couldn't, who keeps a picture of me in her kitchen, me at four wearing a red poncho and crooked little glasses (probably how she will always think of me) Desiree. Happy Birthday!


  1. Cute scarf, I know your sister will treasure it. As for sisters, I have 4 (and 3 brothers), and there's nothing like it. While slightly bummed my daughter doesn't have one, I know she and her brother will take care of each other the same way.

  2. I love the color in that scarf. I love patchy things like that.

  3. That's so cute!

    If cutting squares takes up too much time, you have to get yourself some square rulers!

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    When are you going to have mine finished? :-)

  5. Those Amy Butler fabrics are beautiful! I keep eyeing her designs and I might give in to buying more fabric, the temptation is too strong, lol. :):):):)

    Have a great weekend.

  6. What a great scarf! I have a ton of scraps ... hmmm ... another project added to the to-sew (someday) list.

    Reading about you and your sister just made me want to cry a happy cry. What a special relationship. Hope she has a happy day (and you too!)

  7. Sisterhood! There is nothing like it.

    -Lindsay T, the eldest of three sisters

  8. Very cute scarf!! Makes me think I should pull out my scrap bag and put it to use!

  9. It's lovely that you have a special bond with your sister.

    I love the scarf you made, I wanna make one!

  10. Great scarf!!! Cute!! I wanna make one. (Will I ever get anything made????)

  11. Love the scarf!! I am just finishing up some dresses and now I have something else to do with my scraps! It seems VERY cold in southern CA this year, ao a scarf will get used

    Thank You


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