Saturday, November 08, 2008


I ♥ you all.

Today, I had a little retail therapy. It's been a while since I hit the fabric stores & pattern sales. Although I started out looking for Christmas present-makings...I ended up buying stuff for me. ALL of its for me, in fact. Oops.

Buttericks & Vogues were on sale at Hancocks! I limited myself to two each, because really...I have PLENTY of patterns in stash! I am lacking some jackets though, so I chose Vogue 8547 because I love the cool retro-vibe of the jacket. The pants look like a keeper too, I'm interested in trying these!

I also picked up Vogue 8305, another wardrobe. I really want this wrap around, multi-wearable jacket/cardigan thing. Of course I couldn't find a decent grey interlock anywhere today. I did get some black, so maybe it will be black or a color would be nice too. Don't you want one of these for your next plane trip? I'm liking the tee in this package too.

There's enough 80's girl rocker in me to appreciate Butterick 5247. For 99 c (and 1 hour!) I couldn't resist.

Last pattern is Butterick 5104 , again for the jacket. I LOVE the cropped jacket length, the sleeves, the invisible closures. I'm all over this jacket. I even picked up some black & cream houndstooth check to recreate it. The coat is pretty nice too, and the package includes a raglan sleeve tee/dress.

What's a fabric shopping trip without fabric? I picked up these really great finds: A black & cream houndstooth, and a taupe/grey/cream/pink Burberry-esque plaid:

and a black with red windowpane check (this one is a nice doubleknit) & black interlock:

a fabulous shirting with 2% lycra, in dark red & white stripe, with a single navy thread. This is a really closeup view. The stripes are only about 1/16". Won't this be fabulous as a tailored shirt with white cuffs & collar??

And even though I talked all about the jackets and the fabrics for the jackets...I'm most interested in the black & red doubleknit, for this jumper in BWOF 9/2007:
And since I'm trying to strike while the iron is hot, I'm off to trace!


  1. I'm glad you posted. I was going to email to make sure you had gotten out of your funk.

    I love those patterns you picked up. They are winners. All of them. I love that crossover top on that one Vogue pattern and really like the red longer coat. I also love that Burda jumper. Seeing as I am jumper crazy, I should just buy that pattern from JoAnn's. What magazine is that anyway? Is there enough good stuff in it to hunt it down on eBay?

  2. Egads, I'm a moron. Never mind the "what magazine" question. I'll go look in the archives and see if I need to find it.

  3. beautiful fabrics and patterns!
    I made one of those bwof jumpers and I wore it to death, it very comfy and looks great

  4. So glad you're feeling better! Nothing like a couple hours in a fabric store to improve one's mood! Love, love, love the wardrobe patterns and your fabric finds are fabulous!!! Also *loving" that you listen to Bocelli and Linkin Park in the same week!!!

  5. Nothing peps up a gal like spending money, eh? Glad your outlook is brighter today!

  6. Looks like you found some great stuff!
    I was at the mall the other day and saw a few sweaters like the Vogue 8305. You'll be right in style and comfortable to boot!


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