Saturday, May 02, 2009


I'm so excited! I just booked our summer vacation, and after much debate, haggling (with the two I live with) and price checking, we settled on...

Sedona, Arizona!!!

Just look at all the amazing things we'll be able to see. We'll do a day at the Grand Canyon too!

I've never been west, and neither have the kids, so this is really an exciting trip for us. We're pretty much beach-goers as a rule for summer vacation. And this year, we were waffling between Washington DC, Key West or Charleston (2 of those have beaches!) We looked hard at Sedona & Moab, Utah last year though, so on a lark I dug out all our 2008 info and checked airfare. Bingo! Perfect match for our interests AND budget.

We're trying to figure out "must do's" now, so if you've been, are from there, or have favorites you'd like to share, I'm all ears!

In sewing news...I picked up some really pretty plum doubleknit this weekend, and so I'm refocusing on that BWOF dress I considered doing in chevrons. OR...I could always start sewing cute summer tops & shorts for my SUMMER VACATION IN SEDONA!!!



  1. Sounds great.I am sure it be a lot of fun.
    Prayers, Bo

  2. Hurray for you! We are off to Wyoming on our early "summer" vacation the last two weeks in May. And oddly enough, will be in Moab, Utah, for 2 nights towards the end. Are you planning to go there? I'll give you the 411 if you are. The west is gorgeous, you will love it.

  3. Fun! I have yet to see the Grand Canyon and it's on my list of definite must-do's before I, you know, kick the bucket. :)

  4. West?? That's west to you guys?? How about trying the western-most state? We are having nice weather right now too. It was in the mid-60s today.

    Seriously though, all those red-rock states are awesome.

  5. Awesome! It looks very pretty. I've never seen the Grand Canyon in person, so please pleeeease show us pics of it. I'll enjoy this vacation vicariously through you.


  6. Oh we went to Arizona a couple of years ago now. The Grand Canyon is amazing. The Petrified Forest was pretty cool too and somewhere around Sedona is a little town built into the side of the mountains caller Jerome - big fun.

  7. jerome is really cool. lots of neat shops. there's also a shopping area in sedona called tlaqupaque (or something like that) that is pretty. you guys should be sure to take a pink jeep tour, it's really cool. also, you can take an old steam train to the grand canyon. i think you get on in williams (? i can ask my MIL) and then you ride to the grand canyon. they sing songs, and on the way home, bandits came and robbed the train! :) it was a lot of fun.

    oh, there's a lot of new-agey stuff in sedona too. you know there are people that think aliens landed (or live) there.

  8. Gorgeous! We have a daughter in Phoenix, but we haven't been to Sedona. We keep saying we will go, but when we visit we usually don't have time to do much extra stuff. We're usually helping them move into a new house. They just moved into the third one in 2 years in Phoenix. They rented the first two and bought the last one.

  9. Beth Conky9:39 AM

    Looks wonderful.

  10. Hey! This is one place I have been!! Near Phoenix, there is this place called (I think) Dobbin's Lookout Point. I'm relying on my 11-year old memory so who knows. Great view of the Phoenix area.

    As for the Grand Canyon, there is NOTHING like it! We stayed at the North Rim although most visitors stay at the South Rim because it's far easier/shorter to get to. Even took a raft ride down the Colorado River. Do that if you can--it's so much fun.

  11. Good choice. I was just in Charleston (loved it!) where the natives told us just like you don't want to go to Buffalo in the winter, you don't want to go to Charleston in the summer. I saw the Grand Canyon when I was 13 and its awesomeness stuck with me. I'd love for my kids to see it too.


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