Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

A shout out to my buddy Christy who sent me a truly sweet but hysterical video. You should totally click on the screenshot below to read the Related News, bwahahaha!!! (George, seriously. Call me!)

Click HERE to make a customized Mom of the Year video news broadcast for your fave mother!

I'm actually trying to coax my mojo out of hiding. I bought some Simplicity patterns today, a few newer ones, like 2615, which I think has the cutest, simplest top & dress! Just the thing to get the juices flowing:

And I love this little top! It's the perfect thing to go with my summer skirts.

I also got Simplicty 2659, even though I'm not crazy about the tunic "look" on me. Not enough waist definition! Still, the bolero jacket is cute and I love the simple capri. But truthfully? It was the yellow. Slap some yellow on the design photo and I have to have it. Can't wear it, but I love yellow!!

I'd better get off the nets if I ever want to actually sew anything though.

A great big...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

to you all....but especially to my Mom, my biggest fan.

Love you Mom!


  1. Love the patterns, gonna have to look at the next $1 sale for those! My friend at work sent me that video the other day, and it was fun to send on to other moms. Enjoy your day tomorrow, and be a great cheerleader yourself (you already are though)!

  2. I know what you mean about yellow. I thought green was my favorite color, but lately I've been gravitating toward yellow more and more. I really like the patterns. I'm going to come back tomorrow for the video. It's too late tonight.

  3. I love that photo, you look sooooo cute together. Awww, it made me smile. :)

    That bolero alone won me over, I have to get that pattern now. :)

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!



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