Thursday, May 07, 2009

save chuck!

My tiny family's very favorite television show!! And of course it's "on the bubble", meaning NBC is uncertain about renewing it for a 3rd season.

Funny, entertaining, sweet, romantic, adventurous...and "Chuck" full of good, clean fun.

Go HERE to read more about all you can do to

And head over to CNN Entertaingment videos to watch a completely adorable interview with Zack Levi, who plays Chuck and Joshua Gomez, who plays his best friend Morgan.


  1. oh we LOVE chuck! they can't cancel it. you're right, its a great show for the whole family!!!

  2. I LOVE CHUCK!! Seriously-- if Chuck Bartowski was a real life character, I'd marry him in a heartbeat. ;) And it really is one of my favorite shows on TV (especially now that they took away all my Stargate!) I did pre-order my season 2 dvds, and I've been clicking on Chuck reruns on the NBC site when I can (even if I can't sit down to actually watch them, just to boost the numbers!) And after the last five minutes of the last episode, it would just be cruel to cancel!

  3. I love Chuck too! I agree, it would just be cruel to cancel after the last episode. I want to see more adventures : )

  4. Bret told me yesterday that he had heard Chuck was being renewed! Woohoo! I love Chuck.

  5. I LOVE CHUCK too! I would be soooo sad if it was cancelled. It is the highlight of Monday night!


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