Saturday, October 10, 2009

safari saturday.

A couple of miles from my house, live a few (hundred) of my favorite animals. We went over for a visit this afternoon because...

a) The weather was spectacular.


b) I have a new camera/lens kit! (Nikon D40). Still waiting for my longer zoom to arrive, but it doesn't matter for the safari, because the animals come to YOU. Case(s) in point to follow:

Not close enough? How about here:

Positively the closest I've ever been to a zebra.

So...even though I refused to roll down the window, he still agreed to walk away and pose pretty for the camera.


Camel's never fail to crack me up.

And look at this sweet baby:

And there's no deer season in this park. Beautiful animal.

My little shutterbug, practicing her skills (we took two cameras, my Canon Powershot S3 IS and the Nikon D40).
Lu is really interested in photography, and since you really can't fail with natural light, I thought it a great day to teach her some of the basics.

My girl is gorgeous. Just sayin.

I hope you had a spectacular Saturday too! You can see more safari Saturday pictures on my flickr, HERE.


  1. oooo! you are so lucky to live so close by. i'd love to take my son to a safari place like that. and yes, your lu is beautiful!

  2. Anonymous7:24 AM

    I love the zebras! And the teeth shot--you must have been very close!

  3. That zebra is gorgeous!

    Your Lu is beautiful and thanks for sharing those lovely photos of your safari.


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