Sunday, October 04, 2009


Smocking for grownups over at anthro:

Super in love with the bleeding red and clashy magenta living together on the same top.

Which calls for a song...


  1. Just yesterday I said to someone "If I was skinny -and rich- I'd wear only Anthropologie clothes". :-) This is a classic example (not that only a skinny person can wear this by any means, but I'm way potato shaped at this point and I'm not sure it would flatter me). Anyway, I think this is a totally FAB top and I can't wait to see if you make something like it and how it comes out.

    In other words, "Make something like it. So we can see how it comes out."

    Don't you just love people who demand things in their comments? Sure you do!

  2. Did you get your dress finished? I wanna see - I wanna see. I do like the smocking on the top too. Need to get off the 'puter and into the studio. See ya! g

  3. This is cute! I still want to make something for myself with smocking on it. Like I need another project...

  4. Oh, yeh! Calling on all heirloom seamstresses out there to demystify this lovely top!

  5. I love that magenta and red together too- especially with the white.


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