Saturday, October 03, 2009

a thank you...and a project

Thanks so much for the sweet condolences on my uncle's passing. He had a full life and that's what matters most I think. Something I didn't know until I read his funeral announcement...he had served in the Navy during WWII.

Today I'm bouncing around my project to-do list again! I have this cut out in the dress version (b&w below):

in this red & black poly-rayon burnout:

Note the super crappy picture. Yeah, my camera settings are screwed up and I can't find the manual to revert to the defaults and start over! Likewise, I can't figure out which setting it is, so I'm having trouble figuring out where to start. (It won't auto-focus, and it continuous shoots, even though its not in continuous shooting mode. Grrr.)

Although, the above shot is sorta 'arty'.

I'm hoping the burnout section isn't see-through, so I don't have to wear a full-length of something under it. I was planning on my leggings and maybe a black lightweight turtleneck!

Of course if I don't get off the internets I'll never get it finished (and it's SO simple to make, that would just be plain wrong.)



  1. Looks like a comfy, pretty dress. Hope you are being productive, looking forward to the final product!

  2. cute! love the fabric... I think the one with the buttons would also be cute in that fabric...

  3. Love that fabric. You'll look great in that bright magentaish color!


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