Sunday, May 09, 2010

Simplicity 3849 - Jr's

A project for Lu this weekend, a pair of capri's from this Simplicity Jr. Trend pattern:

I made view B without the cuff/tab in a stretch denim. The denim has a woven stripe, and is pretty darn stretchy. I'm afraid they'll outgrow Lu after she wears them an hour or two! Excuse the wrinkly legs...I should have pressed them again before taking pictures!

Lu got to pick out a fabric for the pocket tab facings, waist facings, and fly. She chose a cute lime Sis Boom quilting cotton. I'm sadly almost out of this now. I've been hoarding it! The fly & waist:

And the faux pocket flaps are also lined in the green print:

I used a denim button/nail for the closing, and I skipped any extra topstitching. Mainly because Lu isn't a fan of wearing handmade items just now, and I'm not positive she'll wear these (even though she asked for them and helped pick out fabrics). No sense in spending valuable sewing time topstitching a garment that will never see the light of day!

They are somewhat looser fitting than the cover photo would have you believe. The legs are quite wide. I cut the size that matched her hip measurement, and ended up taking them in about 1/2" at the side seams, but they're still somewhat loose. They're also meant to be worn 1-1/2" below the waist, which if you have a booty (Lu does) doesn't leave a lot of room in back. I should have raised the back waist a bit, and will if I make them again. We'll just wait and see if these get worn first!

While I was in the back yard photographing the peach tree again, I snapped a shot of Lu's little garden. She has tomato plants and lettuce (and squash, but no sign of that yet):

And I was very excited today to discover my wisteria is blooming!! It didn't last year and I was afraid the ice storms had killed it. It's so high up in a tree right now, I almost missed it! There were a few branches low enough I could snip some blooms and bring them in the house though. It smells SOOO good. (Unfortunately I'm allergic, so I suffer for having it in a vase. I keep it in another room, haha.)

And my red roses are blooming. A few of these were snipped and joined the wisteria in the vase.

The sun went down while I was out with the camera, making a pretty spectacle of my field...

I didn't get out much this weekend, I've been under the weather (and still feel a little crappy to tell you the truth.) But it was a good Mom's Day, and I enjoyed the pretty (if cool) weather. I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day too!


  1. WOW!!!! Seriously amazing job on those jeans.

    I was a skinny minnie when I was younger and my Mom tried to make me jeans a couple of times... I never liked them. But yours look great. I hope Lu wears them.

    Beautiful photos, too.
    Happy Mom's day.

  2. too cute. she'll never wear them. because she's, you know, a child and therefore totally and completely perverse. but they are very cute.

    bummer about being sick, hope you feel better quickly. (The wisteria is almost over here, the only thing keeping it hanging on I think is that it keeps getting cool all of the sudden, instead of the normal 95. Hope it lasts a little. I'm a big fan of 75 degree weather.)

  3. Super cute, I really hope Lu is a good daughter, and wears them! Sorry you're under the weather, hope you are feeling better very soon! Your "landscaping" is amazing...

  4. The jeans look amazing! How could she not want to wear them? I love the lime green facings!

  5. Those are great little pants I hope Lu wears them. it's so sad when they outgrow momma made even when it doesn't look like momma made - isn't it? g

  6. The contrast fabric on the jeans is great! It's quirky and cute and makes them special.

  7. The capris look great! I hope Lu wears them. I kind of want this pattern for myself now.

  8. Too cute! I think I'll have to pick this one up for my daughters!

  9. I love the extra touch you added by using the green fabric inside. Too cute!

  10. Great capri pants! I love the stripey fabric, and the green detail is very cute. Lucky Lu!

  11. Those pants are ADORABLE! I love that little bit of green lining - it just adds such a cute, personal touch.


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