Monday, May 31, 2010

SisBoom Patricia Tunic Pt 1

I've been on a bit of a sewing hiatus. (I even put away my sewing machine last weekend!) But my fingers have been itching to get back to it all week! Although the long Memorial Day weekend almost snuck by me without a stitch, this pattern has been poking me lately. It's the Patricia Tunic by Jennifer Paganelli (Sis Boom):

You might remember I blogged my plan for this tunic, oh about 2 months ago. My, how time flies! Here were my fabric choices, a Heather Baily floral in yummy fun colors, and a zebra print for the facings:

This color combo just screams SUMMER to me, so today -- the unofficial start of summer -- seemed like the perfect day to get going on this tunic!

I cut the XL, based on my measurements (one day soon, I'll be in a L though! Just a Weight Watchers sidenote...I'm down 2 more lbs for a total of 13! Yay me!) I almost didn't have enough fabric, so I had to choose a shorter sleeve than I wanted. I like loooong sleeves. We'll see though, they may be perfectly fine. I only had a bit more than 2 yards of the floral (and just a scrap of the zebra). I also made the 29" length for the top (there are a variety of lengths for every view!)

Here's where I am in construction. The front & back are put together and the zebra facing is on & topstitched:

The cool thing about this tunic is that the front is princess seamed (for a great fit!) but the back is cut on the fold (one-piece). Since I was short on fabric, I had to seam the CB to make it all fit.

Here's the front facing & topstitching. There's a deep slit (customizable) at the CF:

And here's the back facing. It's sort of like a yoke!

The instruction booklet that comes with the pattern (a PDF download, I got mine here) is very detailed, with lots of diagrams and plenty of photos of all the steps. There were some cool little tricks for putting the whole thing together, and I'll try to cover a couple of those in my next post. This would be a great pattern for a beginner, because of the detailed instructions!

I just need to attach the sleeves and finish the side seams and it will be ready to wear! I can't wait!

In puppy news...Priscilla's housetraining is coming right along. She had NO accidents today! She's so smart. ;) She loves it outside, her favorite things are sticks.

She's rather fond of Megan the Scottie too:

The End.


  1. The tunic looks great and the fabrics are gorgeous.

  2. Great job on the tunic! And the puppies are so cute!

  3. Unusual fabric combination but it works. Well done.

  4. what, only half-way finished? Sheesh. What do you lazy teachers do on summer break anyway? I expect more, MORE I tell you.

    That's going to be very cute.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss! I love hearing your updates.

    So, how's Oscar feel about the new pup? LOL! I'm a bit Pom biased ;)

  6. woooo hoooo on the weight loss!

    I am loving that shirt. Can't wait to see it finished.

  7. MaryEllen10:05 PM

    I love the top. Of course, Priscilla is going to be pottie trained quickly. She is a princess and will soon all she sees.


  8. I thought - for just one minute that I might get a peak of Stella - but no, you sneak in another dog.

    Love top and contrats on the weight loss - I'm down 12#!! Whoo hoo - but it's giving sewing motivation a run for it's money. g

  9. The tunic is so pretty. I love the fabric combo so much!
    And Priscilla is soooo precious!!! Congrats on your new baby!

  10. I love that fabric combo! I am so not good at mixing prints, but this is so fun!! I might have to gove it a go...

  11. Woo hoo! Life is good!!!

  12. The tunic is going to be stunning! I love a bold/crazy fabric combinaion.

    I'm contemplating making a second one of these. Have a great fabric in the stash, but not much yardage; maybe enough for short sleeves?

    Your puppy is adorable, BTW, and your WW success inspiring.

  13. wonderful Tunic ...Thanks for showing us folks..Jennifer

  14. I love love LOVE this! The fabric combo is awesome! I can't wait to see this finished! (No pressure or anything.)

  15. I love the color combo. Congrats on your weight loss. Cant wait to see the finished project


  16. I really like the fabric combination and the puppies are adorable!


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