Wednesday, May 05, 2010

ww mini-update.

I know I said I probably wouldn't be referring to my Weight Watcher's program again, but several of you sweet readers have emailed or posted comments on the blog! And I'm happy to share my thoughts after my first 10 days. If you're not interested, just skip this one and I'll be back with a sewing post asap! :)

I did lose between 2 and 5 lbs after my first week! Unfortunately I had a "scale" glitch during weigh-in weekend (of COURSE!) So I'm just claiming the smaller number because anything else would be water anyway.

I also found the whole plan surprisingly easy to follow. So easy I was wondering why I haven't been doing this all along?? Hmmm. Good question! The online tools are pretty cool. Here's a snapshot of the interface, where I enter my daily totals/meals.

You can track your activity, your water intake, dairy, healthy oils, veggies & fruits...just about anything you want! There's also a calculator for figuring points for foods that aren't in their database (although this thing is extensive! I've personally only run into a couple of foods that I had to enter manually.)

You can "favorite" foods so they're easier to find in your lists. Or if you're in a rut (hehe) you can look at the previous few days and enter foods from those days too. (I'm a whole grain 1/2 bagel person in the morning if I'm on the run!)

As for my own personal food choices...I pretty much eat whatever I want. The points system just makes you think twice (or three times) about portion sizes. I had garden veggie burgers & sweet potato fries with corn on the cob for dinner last night. The day before, we had pizza. Tonight, I made "mock KFC" mashed potato bowls. Yum. We had a baby shower after work today for some coworkers, so I had a small slice of cake and some mixed nuts. Guess what ? It all worked out fine!

You just have to put a little more thought into planning and even when you forget or something unexpected comes up (like truffles), WW allows you some extra banked points each week. So that day when you just HAVE to have Chinese takeout or a Dove's all going to be ok if you've been following the plan the rest of the week.

Some of my favorite foods right now...
*Smuckers All Natural Peanut Butter
*Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches
*Diet A&W Root Beer (seriously a great diet soda!)
*Orowheat Sandwich Thins (1 pt! yummy multigrain goodness)
*McCain Sweet Potato Crinkle Cut Fries
*Yoplait Light Cinnamon Bun yogurt. Wow, this one is good.

Ok, I'll try not to bore you with more details, but I might share other food favorites I discover along the way! I hope your week is going well! I'm not quite finished with my top, but hopefully today or tomorrow!


  1. Great work, Ang! I love the sandwich thins, too. Suprisingly filling for being so... thin! My "Favorites" list on SparkPeople saves me so much time, it's a life-saver!

  2. My friend brought me her old WW books yesterday so I've been perusing them. I think it looks like a pretty good plan!

  3. You won't be able to not talk about weightwatchers once you get it rolling good. Planning and counting points tends to be consuming. I really need to do it again. Lost 27 lbs. in 7 months last time. I wish you the best with it.

  4. I might have to try this. I'm not doing well the past two weeks just "watching" what I eat. You're doing great!

  5. Congratulations on those pounds! I do the WW online program also. It works better for me than going to meetings, which really didn't do much for me except take up more time. Good luck!

  6. Nice to hear you're off to a good start! I'm back on a workout schedule, fine-tuning what quantity/balance of food best fuels exercise and depudgification, without leaving me hungry.

  7. And don't forget about LaughingCow cheeses, its only 1pt! Add that to those Oroweat thins for your next sandwich. yummy!
    Great job!!

  8. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Please continue to share! From the pics of the new top, it's clear you're doing great on WW. You're off to such a wonderful/motivating start.


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