Friday, August 27, 2010

i heart friday.

I'm still alive & kicking. The first week of school just really kick my patootie. I feel like I've been running an underwater race wearing concrete boots. Ugh.

I received some really fabulous vintage goodies in the mail this week though...I left them all wrapped up until this morning. Sort of a TGIF present to myself!

This little booklet is wonderful!

Basic sewing skills are listed with lots of illustrations. If you have (or want to bid on) a vintage pattern without instructions, this booklet could help you to a finished garment. I'll share some pictures from the inside later this weekend.

I also received this Weldon's sewing booklet/catalogue with pattern UNUSED and intact! That's pretty rare, since there was no envelope to store these patterns; they were just tucked into the center fold.

It is pristine and full of fabulous vintage illustrations of Weldon's patterns from the early 1940s, and I will likewise share more images from the contents later this weekend!

Off to school! Have a great weekend!!


  1. Girl, Friday is the only thing keeping me from physically attacking someone at work. I am so totally on the edge of Going Postal.

    I just wrote "Girl Friday". I wonder if that's available on Netflix Instant Play... who was that, Cary Grant? Oooo, and Rosalind Russell! Awesomeness.

    I heart Friday, totally and completely. Can't wait to see the inside of that fist booklet.

  2. Ugh, I will be starting school soon too. Don't get me wrong, I like being my job, but I like NOT being at my job more!! :)

  3. Oh yes, I'm sooo happy it's Friday, too!! We've been at school for two weeks now. When's Christmas break? LOL!

    Love those vintage booklets!

  4. Yea for Fridays! It's a very quiet day in my office - thank goodness. Love your goodies. g

    (ps - my word verification is 'restor'.)

  5. Today and next Friday are my last 2, then it's "Time to Make the Donuts" for me, too. Hugs for you!!! You survived the most tiring part and I love the vintage goodies! Where do you find this stuff???

  6. I say Hurray for Friday, too, it has been a long week.

  7. Finally! The weekend is HERE! I thought it would never arrive!


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