Saturday, August 14, 2010


At this point I fully expect September's issue will get here before August's. And I seriously need some sewing project mojo! Back to School shenanigans have wiped me OUT.

I've avoided the Burda Style website, which has suddenly gotten incredibly difficult for me to load...even when I google it for a link to the German site, it automatically redirects me to the US non magazine related BurdaStyle site. Which I am perilously close to loathing right now.

I've been avoiding it because I didn't want to even SEE the September preview for fear I would jinx myself from ever receiving August.

However, this morning I have Cracked. Caved. Whathaveyou. Only to be confronted with this as my first peek at September:


Then... an Alice in Wonderland pictorial that I simply can't be sure is going to offer anything new:

(I hate to say it, but those trousers are pretty unflattering. I hope the pattern is for the white shirt!)

At least this plus dress looks like it has possibilities...

But this:

Seen it. A few hundred times already.

That @#$% August issue better get here quick AND it better be good enough to make up for this uninspiring peek at September.

(ps...I know that one sheath/skirt has interesting seaming, but to me it looks deceptively interesting; i.e. interesting only if you want a seamed bullseye around what is typically the most unflattering angle/proportions of a grown up woman's body. Plus, hate the Judy Jetson's cousin Jane's sleeve weirdness. I think most of the "interest" is actually grasping at Burda Style straws for ANYTHING resembling inspiration.)

I'm crabby.

Bright side? It's Saturday.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I do sympathise - last January Burda magazine arrived in the UK weeks later than normal and I was getting quite desperate! I am also very irritated by the Burda website - I do wish they would get it sorted. Oh, and I don't like that they have decided to print the patterns on half the number of pages that they used to! But, apart from that, I love Burda :)

  2. I called about my issue Thursday, she told me that they barely sent out all of the US issues on Monday. I better get August, never did get July - sooooo bummed!!

  3. I've been stalking the post office...hoping it will be there today...grrr! I'm thinking of letting my subscription go when it expires...the changes they have made coupled with declining services really is disheartening! Guess I'm feeling crabby too! :)

  4. Oh good. I thought I was the only one missing August. I hope I get it soon!

  5. Mine just arrived this morning! It had been so long, I forgot it wasn't here yet and was actually surprised when The Husband brought it in.

  6. Why yes, I have seen that magazine. In my mailbox - last week. Ha, I guess Burda just likes Canada better. :)

    P.S. The Burda website is *le suck* now. I rarely go there anymore.

  7. I hope you do get your magazine soon. I bought mine yesterday from the newsstand and was unimpressed. Please don't get me started on the Burdastyle site cause I do loath it. I want the old Burda site back!

  8. i have it here:)
    but polish versions in shops :)

  9. Mine just arrived today. about to browse it while I eat a tuna sandwich. ;)

  10. Anonymous2:19 PM

    I have to add my own disappointment with Burda lately.. they seem to be getting worse and worse. Poor patterns, the magazine is always late.. and yes I also noticed how they use less paper. Not to mention the website. I'll cancel my subscription for sure. I fancy Ottobre Design Woman, only too bad it only comes out twice a year. Ok, I vented enough for today:)

  11. Mine arrived on Thursday. For some reason, it left Germany later than usual.

  12. Mine just arrived yesterday in HI. Hang in there and hope your weekend cheers you up!

  13. Mine showed up in my mailbox today. I had pretty much given up on it, but I wasn't too concerned because I am not resubscribing. I have been very unhappy with Burda this past year. I hope yours comes soon.

  14. Tell me about it! I haven't seen mine yet, and "Back to School" is looming. My sewing time is about to be seriously cut!

  15. Just got my August issue today. According to GLP website, the August issues shipped later than normal. Hope you get yours soon!

  16. I JUST got my Aug Burda yesterday. I guess it's ok, because there isn't really anything in it that I want to sew!


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