Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Beautiful, vintage half slip...an ebay find last month!

It's not perfect, but isn't it lovely?? Can you just imagine this under a swishy skirt?

I might have to replace the top portion with some new nylon tricot, it's a bit dingy. Well-loved and worn often, I suspect!

Wouldn't it be grand to have such lovely underthings?


  1. I'd wear it under a shorter black silk skirt to show off those gorgeous lace tiers.

  2. You are finding great items on eBay. This is so cute. Love those flowers on this half slip.

  3. I love it!!!! Tooo cute.

  4. You find the best stuff on ebay. I need to hire you as my personal shopper. Can you say vacation? g

  5. I'm so jealous of all your beautiful slips!! This one is unusual, I love it!

  6. That slip so pretty.

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  8. Beautiful! And you wouldn't even care if your slip started showing :-)


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