Saturday, October 13, 2012

A song in my head and a dress in my heart.

And a blog I adore.. But first, the song in my head. Do you watch the X-Factor?  Holy Amazeballs, Batman, I can't get enough of Carly Rose Sonenclar:

A fair portion of those 10 million youtube hits might be mine and my 3rd period class...we're all starstruck!

Nextly..I've got dress envy. Would you just look at this Colette Crepe?

Gorgeous, right?  Ok and summery, and I'm heading into fall, but I. Don't. Care.  I really want to sew a Crepe now.

This one is super cute too, love the Lizzy House fork fabric;

Frankly, I've been dreaming of this Crepe thing for a while now...ever since I noticed the dress Amy Adams wears in the final scenes of Leap Year was so similar in cut and style:

I had it all planned out in this post. I even still have the fabrics, prewashed and ready to go. Deep royal blue dotted swiss:

And a very-similar-to-the-original-dress chambray stripe:

All of which goes to show you...time has sped up way way WAY too fast this year and I plan way way WAY more than I will ever hope to accomplish.  Good thing the planning is fun.

I leave you with a blog I am loving right now, Miss Green.  She's adorable!  And has great style.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh the Crepe is super cute! It's all about the fabric. Wouldn't it be fabulous in a plaid to take you into fall?

    The blog looks cute - off to check it out. But really I need to step away from the computer more and head to the basement. :) g

  2. After planning (and buying fabric for)a Crepe for over a year, I finally made my first last month. It's a fairly Springy fabric, but no matter, because making the Crepe dress was awesome. Super flattering, super fun to sew, and it sews up fast too! I even eliminated facings to use bias tape instead (I wanted to repeat the contrast fabric of the sash on the neckline since I made the scoopneck version) and it still was all a pleasure. Make yours, make several! You won't be sorry even if you have to wait to wear it. Or wear a long sleeved shirt as an underlayer since fashion is cyclical and the Marc Jacobs grunge collection is trendy again..

  3. Love your Crepe fabrics. I have two Crepes and I've been thinking about making another one lately. It's such a great pattern.

  4. First, the singer...Wow! Second, the crepe...I really like your choice of the blue will make a beautiful dress!

  5. Unless you have more pressing fall-season projects in your queue, I'd say go ahead and make the crepe. With the full skirt, it will look just right with a cardigan thrown over. At least that's what I'm counting on, since I cut one out last week for myself with plans to sew it up today.


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