Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Burda Style: 11/12

Burda, ye have surprised me.  I LOVE this issue.  And I almost never love November! (the magazine issue, not the month. hehe.)

My favorite might be this vintage 1956 reprint, #138:

But there is a lot that I love in this one.  Love love love this plus sheath dress.  Wow. #146

Pretty sheath dress #122.  You don't see many tailored sheaths with long sleeves:

Another retro-inspired dress, #121 (also available as a peplum top):

Adorable jacket, #117:

Fitted plus tunic #142:

Love this skirt, a nice, tailored twist on a wardrobe staple, from the plus section #144:

And I probably have something similar, but I love these relaxed sweater things. They're so easy to sew and wear! #104

Another great basic, a-line skirt #124:

And the tie-neck top is included too, #109:

This issue is packed with other nice basics too, trousers, jackets, knit and woven tops, skirts.  If you don't subscribe, this is a great issue to pick up with a lot of bang for your buck!

I may be "off" my sewing game in recent months, but I wanted to take a moment to throw in my love for Burda Style/Burda World of Fashion magazine.  I well remember the days I started sewing from these magazines and the frustrations and bewilderment I felt trying to decipher oddly translated directions, no technical drawings and European fit. 

It was exhilarating!

There's a petition making the rounds suggesting changes to Burda Style magazine, and I feel your pain seamstresses.  My advice to beginners and those struggling with the crazy tracing "train tracks", the odd instructions, and the crazy fashion styled photo shoots... stick with it! If you keep working on your skills and learning new techniques, I promise the day will come when you don't really need Burda Style's directions to make that fabulous jacket or dress; you'll already possess the skills needed. 

With experience, you'll also get better and better at deciphering those train track pattern lines, more able to recognize the shapes you should be tracing for the different pattern pieces.

Experience is one of those things that you (unfortunately) can't rush or hurry along...have patience.  Burda Style remains, to me, a real treasure trove of sewing and fashion excitement, delivered right to my mailbox, every single month.  Even six years later.

(and luckily, I don't need those crack-crazy instructions very often. although sometimes I attempt them just for kicks and giggles. the nutty translations crack  me up!)

Viva la Burda Style!


  1. I think the past few Burdas have been great. I really need to get my tracing done because I want a few new dresses. There's a petition?? No idea over here!

  2. I agree...pleasantly surprised with the November preview. I purchase by the month and I think I have very few, if any, November Burdas.

  3. Great styles! i always find the cutest style in the magazine are the plus size ones for some reson.

  4. Anonymous8:39 PM

    I love the first dress! However, I'm one who finds Burda frustrating. I don't buy the magazine because I hate tracing. I have bought some of the patterns as downloads from Burdastyle - you still have to add seam allowances, which I don't enjoy, but it's easier. I'm about to make a Burda envelope pattern. Their drafting is excellent, I just wish it wasn't such a pain to make them up.

    1. I think the first dress looks a LOT like the Oolong by Colette patterns! If you don't want to trace it or don't have the November issue, might be worth checking out!

      And I don't enjoy tracing either. It's just one of those evils I abide so I can have the clothes, ha! :D If I have an envelope pattern that is close enough though, I'm more likely than not to just use the envelope (even when I KNOW the BS draft will be better fitted and more flattering 9 times out of 10!) Lazy gets me every time. Sigh.


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