Thursday, October 11, 2012


Just a quick drive by/catch up/bragging rights smallish post before I dash back out the door to the next thing on my to-do list this week (I teach a *mostly* senior citizen computer class on Thursday nights).


This lovely accessory (goes with literally everything, don't you think??) alas belongs not to me, but to the very handsome and eloquent Dain Blanton, 2000 Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist.  He was the speaker at a convention I attended this morning.

I also FINALLY received my 5/2012 Ottobre magazine, the fall women's issue.  Here are a few of my faves...

Just regular clothes, not high-er fashion (like Burda Style).  But you know what I wear every day??

Regular clothes.

So I like this issue.  Alot.

Also...just got a notice from AnySoldier that my "soldier" had updated his care page.  Have you ever visited

It's a pretty awesome site. You can choose a soldier or unit and read their page to see what items they are in need of (while deployed).  My soldier is in Afghanistan, so his unit would really like DVD's, headphones, protein bars and powder, weightlifting gloves...but their needs change occasionally and the soldiers can update their page at any time.

And of course, when they are shipped out somewhere else, or (hopefully soon) home, then that gets noted too.  It is a free site, and they email you the mailing address for your soldier's unit as soon as you request it.  Just don't request it until you're ready to ship the care package.  Things can change fast!

The holidays are fast approaching (as much as I'm in denial).  Remember a soldier's unit this Christmas season!

Gotta run...

ps...for smartypants Kristine. I was TOTALLY listening.  Yup.


  1. ha! Surrogate Gold Medals FTW.

    I still think you were supposed to be LISTENING to the lecture....

    I really love this issue of Ottobre too (as you well know, but I thought I'd just, y'know, share anyway).

    I have the zipper ragland jacket sweater thingy traced out (but not altered). But... TRACED OUT. You are super-proud of me. You know you are.

    1. I was totally listening. You konw. In between admiring his, um, speaking ability. Really, really lovely speaking ability.

  2. "RAGLAN".... zippered RAGLAN jacket sweater thingy.

    "Ragland" sounds so.... old timey jazz? Wow. So not a fleece zipper hoodie for a middle-aged mom.


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