Saturday, November 10, 2012

50s Eyelet Amazeballs Dress. And Cheongsam.

Holy eyelet, Batgirl.  And shaped bias!  I'm very nearly speechless. And salivating.


AND it has a sweet matching bolero, with scalloped edges to echo the shaped bias, which throws me fully into incoherent territory.

Can you imagine what else was in this girl's amazing wardrobe??  I wish I knew!

From the same Etsy shop, RococoVintage, comes this gorgeous cheongsam.

Tiny umbrellas!?  WHAT?!!  Shannon has always been more the cheongsam type than I, but this dress has completely won my heart and soul.  Must. Have. One.

So now I'm on the lookout for a cheongsam pattern. I've almost positive I don't have one...although I do plan to go through the (*cough* extensive *cough*) vintage pattern stash later today to make sure.  (It wouldn't be the first time I purchased a vintage pattern twice. Ahem. Three times.)

These are all possibilities for my ebay saved searches (wish Etsy had that feature!)

Simplicity 1447

Butterick 7718

American Weekly 3104
Advance 7906

McCalls 3527
I've been getting back into the swing of things sewing-wise lately.  You might have noticed the mojo is kicking it up a notch.  I'm both excited and (to be honest) a little nervous to start new projects right now.

I'm at least a few sizes smaller than I was last time I sewed something (back in the spring?) and pretty much everything I have made in the past 12-18 months is too big.  Dresses I can fake it with a cardigan and/or a belt, for now.  But most of my skirts with fitted waistbands are now in the "mending" pile, waiting for a new waistband solution.

Soo...I've put sewing on hold for a few months, not sure how much energy I want to spend fitting items that might not fit in another 2 or 3 months.  You know how we all love our stash.  BUT I'LL NEVER EVER FIND A FABRIC I LOVE AS MUCH AS YOU!!!!!!

Am I right?

Awesome.  Now that Taylor Swift song is stuck in my head.  Bah.

Anyway.  The good news is...I can sew all new clothes!  And, a couple of things that haven't fit in years and years, from the far recesses of my closet, are in rotation right now.   (I don't make a habit of saving clothes that don't fit though, so after I lost weight this year, I literally have almost nothing to wear! I look like a hobo most of the time.)

There are still three pieces I'm longing to wear that I saved because I loved them so much when I made them.  One is a black crinkle rayon Milan dress (Textile Studios), one is a crinkle rayon sleeveless column dress in bright, delicious turquoise (an Adri Vogue pattern from the late 90s), and a simple cream with black polkadot skirt, no pattern, with a sweet little ruffle at the hem.  I actually remember the last time I wore that skirt and it has long been my favorite "go anywhere" skirt.  Skirt, I have missed you!

And the day I fit into all three (it will definitely be the same day, they're all from the same identical time frame), we're having a huge blog party and I'm going to give away a buttload of patterns and fabric and books. Or something.

Now I leave you with two more RococoVintage dresses, so classic and timeless that I'm already plotting in my head to knock them off.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Love those dresses! Can't wait to see the keepers and I'm sure you don't look like a hobo! g

  2. That cheongsam is uh-dorable! Even more so when you look close and realize that those "dots" are umbrellas! I love all the patterns, but especially the ones with the shaped shoulder flaps. And that white dress at the end- OMG, is that gorgeous or what? I'm imagining it right now with red lipstick and nails!

  3. Awesome dress inspiration today. I've always loved cheongsams, and that green one is the best I think I've ever seen. And congrats on feeling good with your weight loss!


  5. 1. That eyelet dress is to die for.
    2. Congrats on the weight loss! Been there, having to say goodbye to some favorite sewn things, but excited to make new, smaller garments! Keep up the good work!
    3. Dresses make me smile


  7. That eyelet dress is gorgeous.

  8. Oh! Really awesome, Lovely outfits yaar. Very Nice cheongsam collections.

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  9. Too funny! But after shopping in Hong Kong, I agree! Especially love your shoe recommendations!

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