Friday, November 23, 2012

Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Lucky.


I could effuse on my love of all things hotpatterns, 
but you all probably want to cut me right about now.


that is all.

j/k!!  There's more!

I cannot WAIT to see what amazing patterns
are coming my way next year!!!!!!!!!


Know what is even sweeter?  My birthday is tomorrow!  How appropriate. Yes? In honor of my disgusting random draw good fortune, I will be setting aside all UFOs and cutting out and sewing up this gorgeous vintagey blouse, the Metropolitan Tie Me Down Blouse:

See you on the flipside, Black Friday shoppers!!!!!!


  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    Congratulations on your spectacular win. I read your blog regularly and it's because of you I started to watch, Once upon a time, when it was shown here in the UK. It was a great show.
    All the best, Janet

    1. Aw, thanks Janet!! I still LOVE OUAT, I just haven't had any good fashion/apartment inspiration from it recently. The show is still awesome though! We are loving this season. :)

  2. Happy, Happy birthday tomorrow!

  3. Wow!!! Congratulations!!! What a fab birthday gift! :)

    I'm a recent Trudy fan, ever since I saw her demonstrate her fly front zipper technique and contour waistband technique on youtube. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

  4. So (or should that be sew?) - I have no idea about this. Do you get every single new pattern released during 2013? What a wonderful prize! Congratulations on the win. And Happy, Happy Birthday. Hope the upcoming year brings you love, joy, peace and anything else you could ask for.


  5. And yes, I hope you have a fabulous birthday!! :)

  6. Congrats! It's a wonderful birthday gift! And Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Um, if you think THAT'S why we hate you....

    heh. I'm funny.

    Congratulations! This is pretty awesome. I can't wait to see what the new patterns are. Er... you could, y'know, make it a Theme Of The Year to make each one up as they come in and blog them.

    just saying...

    See? I AM funny....

  8. Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This just further goes to show us that you have some stinkin' awesome karma!

  9. Aw!!! How lovely! Seeing you won made me smile! I hope you get to spend your birthday doing something you love... like sewing... ;-)

  10. WHAT?! That is so amazing! It could not have happened to a more awesome person. :)

  11. Congratulations! And a very Happy Birthday!

  12. Anonymous7:51 PM

    What a great prize!

  13. Congrats! That's really awesome! Over this fall, I won a fat quarter bundle of fabric that I love but never would have purchased for myself, so I was over the moon.

    I wonder, and I didn't go try to look...what exactly does a whole years worth of patterns mean? Is that one a month? Just whenever they bring out a new pattern (and what happens if there aren't any)? just curious :)

  14. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Congratulations! Happy birthday too; what lovely timing.

  15. well holy shit and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you're sewing in spun gold and dark chocolate.

  16. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Wow! That is fantastic! What an amazing birthday present (and happy birthday too) - I love Hot Patterns - so much fun to sew. I enjoy reading your blog too so it's great to hear you won. You could challenge yourself to sew them as quickly as they can bring them out!!

  17. I hate you because you're lucky. No, not really. What a fabulous win, can't wait to see what you make!

  18. WOW! What does it really mean? One a month? Every new release? Cool prize!!!!

  19. OK, if I didn't win, I'm glad it was you. I can't wait to see what fantastic things she sends you. Do you feel the pressure to sew them up just as soon as they arrive. Hint, hint....

  20. What a great birthday surprise! Happy Birthday, and keep us posted on all of those new patterns coming your way!


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