Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vintage Patterns: Wiggle Dresses

I'm a tad enamored of "wiggle dresses" right now, and I've had some fun packages in the mail over the past few days!  It's like Christmas came early!

My favorite may be this Advance shirtwaist, in wiggle form. Love love the pockets and the simple shape.  So cute!

I also won this McCalls 6778 wiggle with keyhole neckline (and bonus gored skirt) but it didn't arrive. :(  I don't know if the seller forgot to mail it or if it was lost somewhere.  I have decent luck on ebay and etsy, so I'm hoping this seller still pulls through for me!

This Simplicity 3109 suit is so cute!  It's a skirt, jacket, and pussy-bow blouse.  Love!

This isn't a wiggle, but an adorable dress nonetheless, in an unusual larger bust size.  I had to snag it!

And now for the ones I didn't win or I'm too cheap to bid on (doesn't mean I can't set up an ebay saved search for the future though!)

This mail order pattern is sooo gorgeous.  It started out really cheap but quickly escalated.  I think the final bid was $65.  Whoa.

But it's definitely gorgeous!

This is a basic wiggle with raglan sleeves and a cute little jacket.  You could make a million dresses from a pattern like this and let the fabrics and trims disguise the fact that they're all from the same pattern!

I never win the Prominent Designer patterns.  They're ALWAYS too pricy.  But beautiful.

Wiggle dresses are so fitted it's a little risky for me to start one as a new project since I'm in size-fluctuation.

So of course I want to make half a dozen RIGHT NOW.

The little Advance shirtdress is definitely on my radar though, it's exactly my current size!  That should be permission enough, am I right??

Happy Thursday peeps!


  1. Uhhhhggg that Austine La Mar one is to die for!!!

  2. does S3109 come with a HAT pattern as well? Because that is a serious touque she's sportin' there.

    And OMG Austine La Mar. I couldn't hope to fit into a dress like that but holy cow! That's some dress (OMG I love that front panel with the gathers).

  3. Anonymous7:53 PM

    These are all great patterns, but I absolutely love the first one. I have been watching "The Hour" (BBC show set in the 50s) and the lead female wears this style a lot and now I can replicate it myself! Thanks.


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