Sunday, December 17, 2006


A dozen years ago 90 minutes actually, I got to meet one of my favorite people in the whole world...

My son.

My first baby. His heart is as big as the ocean. I wonder sometimes when he's hurting for others less fortunate than he, whether I'm witnessing humanitarian greatness in the making. And I feel the weight of the responsibility of nurturing such a pure soul.

Happy Birthday G-Man! Mom loves you.



  1. What a coincidence!

    21 years ago today (12 backwards?), I also met my 5:14 AM.

    And her twelfth birthday was, I swear, just a couple of years ago...

    Happy Birthday to G!

  2. Wow, we really were seperated at birth!! Look at the recent posts on my blog compared to yours. Almost identical and I hadn't even checked here!

    Hope your man had a very happy birthday!!

  3. LOL Beki!! My lost twin ;o) I hadn't visited yours either!

    Lisa...WOW that is a coincidence! Happy 21st to yours too ;o)


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