Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Just look at this doll baby. This set is my contribution to the Elite.Models Sweet Launch. I worked with the cutest little model!

You can view the auction here. (I think. I might have screwed up the link. Been one of those days!)

Wanted: Savvy Boutique Designer Type
I have other boutique news too...I've been asked to graphic design for a bow group on ebay, the Bow*Babes. Loved working with them on their Winter launch last month. They're a fun group! Here's a peek at the graphic I did for the upcoming Valentine's launch, coinciding with the birthday of the King of Rock & Roll...

And finally, a new group on ebay, the Pretty In Punk Boutique, has invited me to join them. They look to be a really talented mix of designers too, and I'm enjoying getting to know them! I was afraid of joining a group all this time...but it's so much more fun to toss ideas off of someone else, and I love doing launches! Gets me all creative and stuff.

And with that, dearhearts, Ms. SappyBritches is signing off.


  1. Hi Jemima Bean! I think I'm in one of your groups! Or maybe even both of these groups!? I either saw your name in BCMM or eboutique. I can't remember which though. Talk to you soon! ~Rebecca :)

  2. Haha, both! I just joined the BCMM...and I joined eBD in the very beginning! I was featured in BCMM's newspaper a couple weeks ago and missed it, dangit. I would have been so excited LOL :D

  3. Way to go jemima bean! How do you get featured? Do you have to submit your auctions regularly? I hope I can become featured sometime :)

  4. I have NO idea, HA! No, really, I use the BCMM in my auction title so it picks it up when they search weekly for what the members have listed. Then they pick the top 10 (and maybe vote on them?) I didn't have to submit anything (which is good, I can barely get things listed!) Same with the eBD feature, although it was only for 1 day. Still...it can't hurt!!

  5. Wow! I'll have to check back often to see if I ever get featured! Thanks!

  6. Looooove Elvis!!

    And congrats on joining your new group. :) Groups can be a great thing if you find the right fit.


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