Sunday, December 31, 2006

Focus Pocus

Someone over at Artisan's Square mentioned that they had Sewing ADD (SADD?) Ya. Me too.

Contrary to previous post (although I did make the tweed LH Morph Pant...which were a great fit but poor fabric choice), I went pattern AWOL and worked on everything BUT my weekend sewing plan!

First...I cut out this bag, a freebie from Hotpatterns:

LaRue Bag

Then, I sauntered over to Fayetteville to visit Hancocks (McCalls patterns are 99 cents through tomorrow, and Vogue's are 75% off) and Hobby Lobby. Neither store had any worthwhile fabrics of course. BUT, I did pick up this McCalls for comfort clothes:

I also got some turquoise stretch velour and a PERFECTLY MATCHED separating zipper. Huh? Yep, Hancock's had a fabulous selection of separating zippers. If I had money to burn, I'd pick up several in each color (like hot pink, tangerine, lime, turquoise). Those colors are difficult to find on the net, much less in my local Hancocks!

Back to Hotpatterns for a minute (SADD kicking in)... Lots of people love them for their styling, etc. And they do have up to the minute style details. But lots more people have held off using them because of drafting mistakes, shipping (LONG ship time initially, better now I hear) and multiple fitting difficulties. Not that I wouldn't pay more for a great fitting pattern with less alteration (most sewists would I think.) But, since you have to alter anyway, people (like me) are less than savvy about spending upwards of $20 per pattern. Which leads me to...

Hotpattern Lookalikes. I've been searching for patterns that give the same fashionable LOOK, but in a much more reasonable price bracket (and local availability is nice too.) It's been surprisingly easy. Here's a few examples:

Being a vintage pattern lover, I adore this capelet from HP:
and here's a current McCalls to satisfy my capelet envy:

I love the Ruche Me Baby skirts from HP:

This one is a little trickier to find an exact "match", but in reality a much simpler pattern. The skirt above is a simple, darted, slightly a-line skirt. We all have one of those in our stash. The design element (ruching, or "puffing" which essentially is just a strip of fabric gathered on both sides) adds the interest and is SO simple to do. You could use basically any pattern that you have to add the puffing strips. Placement might be an issue for you, so here is a tiered skirt from New Look (6565) that is similar and you could use the 'tier' placement to add puffing strips:

New Look actually has 3 or 4 candidates for this skirt, one is even a darted, side-zip version. (Both of these are elastic waist.) Another choice might be NL 6593:

Not that I'd ever have anywhere to wear it, but I also covet the HP Bollywood dress:New Look again to the rescue, with this stunner (6644):

I LOVE the B/W version in the NL pattern, with the saucy bow?!

Still searching for a few of my HP faves...Stay tuned!



  1. Great job on the look-alikes! It'll be fun to see what else you come up with.

  2. Great research on the HP look-alikes. I may have to get that NL "Bollywood" for dsd who does wear dresses like that - sorority girl going to UGA, they dress all the time.

  3. thanks for posting the bag from hot patterns...i had not been to the site in a while, but that one is really cool! i was sooo very disappointed when they stopped the pirate queen patterns! i love that bollywood dress, too. i found a pattern at a thrift store that is really similar, and some sari fabric that i might make it up in. i know... where to wear it!!?


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