Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Day!

6 inches + 2 kids + 1 dog = 1 happy day.

G-man's Revenge

"I need a handknit snowman sweater."

Lu has an apparent genetic mutation & doesn't feel the cold.

Pre-Angel Warmups




  1. Wow! Look at that snow! I wish it would snow atleast once in Florida! Our weather can be so dry and boring. Least ya'll make the most of it! Are you a student cause I thought I heard you mention something about getting out of school early?

  2. I teach HS! It's a joy sometimes, but its very draining. Teaching's a tough profession!! LOVE your icon!! Need to visit your blog?

  3. That shoulda been ! instead of ?, LOL.

  4. Hi jemima bean! Thanks! Snoopy and the entire peanuts gang keep everything in perspective lol! Wow! High school! Thats very admirable! My brother graduates this December with his second bachelors! The first in History and this next in English! He is a writer. I think hes gonna teach HS next though :) Looking forward to talking with you again!

  5. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I am soooo envious!! It's 75 in Washington, DC (which may be your favorite city, but I'm planning to move back to Michigan because I miss real winters!).


  6. Well if it makes you feel any better Nina, it was 70 degrees here the week before the snow!! "They" say it will be a mild winter for us...I guess we'll see :D We sure started off with a bang! I LOVE snow!


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