Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Morning!

Whew the dress got finished :D

But the jacket did not. Sigh. I only need to set in the sleeves...but we spent 30 minutes this morning looking for the brand new pair of tights I bought last week! I had put them in my FABRIC CABINET. That's what I get for "cleaning house". hehe. So she wore a cute little bolero sweater and it worked out fine!

The pattern is Butterick 4385. Fairly straightforward princess construction.

I'll review over at PR, but here are the highlights: It ran a bit big through the "bust". Lu measures a perfect size 12, but she has no "bust" to speak of. Soo... I had to decrease the curve in that area twice for it to fit her nicely. It was also big around the chest and after attaching the lining, I had to alter the side seams (enclosing that band at the top). That wasn't especially easy, but I think it actually worked out better in the long run, because it will hold the band in place.

Last thing I wasn't thrilled about with the pattern was the strap attachment. The back straps are sandwiched between the band and lining, then stitched. The front straps are just tucked in place and "slip stitched" to the lining in front. Um, that's not incredibly sturdy, especially not for the front! And, it causes the band to pull away from the dress. See below.

Now, I'll probably go back and fix this with a closer, tighter slipstitch later. But of course being as I was on a deadline (and she's wearing a sweater over it) I left it. There's got to be a way to sandwich both front and back straps between band and lining. Right?

And here's a great shot of both of them in their Easter finery (note the G-man's awful shoes, which I did NOT notice until picture time right before he got into my dad's truck to go to church.)

Oh, and they love each other. Really.


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