Thursday, April 19, 2007

To all teh great tinkers...


My ebay compadre/slash/blogger buddy Beki has nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award (and I wonder how much traffic I just acquired by writing slash in here. TWICE. **snort**)

See teh pretty...

Ahem. So now I'm duty bound to direct ya'll to my favorite blogs that make me think! (Um, well, you know. Inasmuchas I actually "think". Per se. If it's rainy or I have PMS. )

ANYWAY...My top 5 great thinkers (or hell, even tinker-er's works) are:

1. Heather (who never needs to spam her blog writings with slash to garner traffic.)
2. Stacy (who is so dang cute I should just really smack her, but she's smart and funny to boot so I don't)
3. Susan (who's blog I visit weekly for updates on Cary the Lamb... Be prepared for an "awwww" moment!)
4. Lyn (who's crafty in that annoying way that makes me all pea-green envious. oh, and her humorous rants from across the pond make me homesick for previous soulmate once it's a two-fer)
5. Crystal (quite possibly the funniest blogger on the planet. You've been warned. )

Gosh & golly girls, I could name more, but these 5 exhaust me. Well, except for Crystal who just cracks the bejeezus outta me. She's just sayin' what we're all really thinking!

Until next time...


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