Thursday, April 26, 2007

P. R. Filler

I've been biding my time waiting for the next season of Project Runway...watching BSG dvd's and Everybody Loves Raymond repeats on tv. BUT, I discovered Shear Genius on Bravo last night

Basically, it's Project Runway for hair. HAS to be the same producers/creators, because it's an obvious ripoff of PR. The pacing, the challenges, the set, heck even Jaclyn Smith's mondo-serious "This was your last cut" is Heidi-esque (as if!! She's clearly a wannabe.)

There's even a "Laura Bennett" (Tabatha) and a "Michael" (Anthony). Which is cool. PR Season 3 was my fave!

And last night, the winning haircut was created with these...

although NOT by him. He's a dork of the first degree, and is in NO WAY TO BE MISTAKEN AS A "TIM GUNN"!!! There's only ONE Tim, and dude is most definitely not it.

On the other hand, it's always fun to watch people act like horses arses on tv, and for some mystical cosmic reason, it's even more fun if they're of questionable character &/or sexuality.

So it's watchable. But, I offer no apologies for the voracious SQUEE'ING I'll be doing when the real PR returns to tv later this year. Bring on the too-thin, the too cute, the too tattoo'ed, the too former drug-addicted, the too-gay designers of extreme fashion. America is waiting.

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