Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Gorgeous, vintage-y custom from a fellow OK girl...

This set has sold, but you can search Whimsy Baby for more. I'd mark her as a favorite, she's super nice to boot!

And this, by jollies, THIS is yum-MAY!

It's by winipoo . The price tag is largess...but hey, "Mom" is worth it, right? Plus, it's like, ART.

As for moi, I have 1 leg done of a 2-leg pair of capri's. CUTE. Er, at least the one leg is. You'll have to take my word for it. Its going out this weekend to the sweetest little model. You know, just as soon as the other leg finishes itself (because I'm WAY too busy surfin the 'bay for pretties to do it now.)

Finally, while I debated saving this for a later post, in the end I can't resist sharing the utmost of the highest in automobile manufaturing...

Yes, friends, the Japanese have created the Hello Kitty-mobile. You might want to hide this post from your daughters.

Hump Day tomorrow chickies!!

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