Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Other Brother Daryl...

Lots of things to report on this Thursday evening. First...did I ever tell you I was psychic? No? Well, just tonight I rented one of these...
and then on CSI evidence from a steam cleaner solved the case!

And then! I've had this amazing soundtrack in my car playing all week...

most specifically the Ewan MacGregor/Nicole Kidman duet "Come What May" on repeat all day today. And I'm moseying through the boards tonight only to find the first message I read ends with the phrase "come what may..." (Cue Twilight Zone theme.)

Speaking of CSI, I read a internet rumor that a certain female lead may find herself in a bodybag come season finale time. That would seriously suck.

Ok, so after all that psychic-energy, you'd think I run over to the Jiffy-Stop and play Lotto or something, wouldn't you? Nope. I steam cleaned the carpets instead. They're so pretty now. A truly scary amount of dirty water was exchanged during this saga. Um, housekeeping's not my forte?

Oh, and for all you stay at home lurker mom's out there....This Article is a MUST READ! Didja have any idea your "worth" was 140K? Of course we all know a SAHM's real worth is priceless!! (Cue Mastercard theme.)

Finally, I leave you tonight with a story from my friend Jody's MySpace. Jody, I love you girlfriend. But I completely suck at MySpace. It's wrong, I tell you! Blogger Rules! :P ) Anyway, Jody's last blog entry will give you an insight to life in the middle of nowhere, USA. I'm totally plagiarizing her here:

Redneck entertainment!!
"The most ironic thing happened a little bit ago...a drunk driver hit a little powerbox utility thingy in front of my house. Here's the ironic part, I live directly across from the police station. So instead of the policemen walking over to check out the wreck, they peeled out of their parking lot with 4 squad cars, lights flashing, sirens blaring, and went 100 feet. No joke. How coincidental that the poor drunk crashed right in front of the police station!! I watched it all from a bedroom window...the sobriety test was quite entertaining. The police cuffed and stuffed the poor old woman...and then DROVE her back across the street to the police station!!"

Life in the boonies is better with friends! (Cue Bob Newhart theme.)



  1. oooh oooh you love CSI too!! My favorite show of all time. Thanks for the sweet comment by the way! I wish I could get my hands on some more of that Charm! ugh!

  2. Hahahaha!!!

    I only wish I were as cool as you. You're cool in a nerdy way. And that's cool. :)

  3. LOL Beki! If you only knew!!


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