Friday, May 04, 2007

Well it ain't Mickey

So I go to feed the cats last night before bed...dip the cup into the kitty food bag under my sink, scoop up a cupful and feel a weird brush of "something" over the top of my hand. Probably just a string from the top of the bag, right?

I go back for the second scoop (Kitties are so selfish. They won't share a bowl!) and before I reach in it occurs to me (because I'm a sick and twisted whacko) IT COULD BE A TARANTULA!!!

Now why I thought "tarantula" and not "common house spider" or more aptly, "brown recluse" (eek), I'll never know. My overactive imagination maybe?

In any case, I had a sad, meowing kitty at my ankles crying because his bowl was still empty, while his fat brother paused in his chomping to smugly purr now and then. So I stand there staring at the bag, thinking..."Do tarantula's jump? And if so, how high?" I take a breath and
open the sack, keeping my head a good distance from the bag opening.

It wasn't a tarantula.

Or a string.

It was this...

Still ew. I quickly clamped the bag shut (and I'll admit, briefly considered the broom and dustpan leaning against the cabinet beside me...seemed plausible until I envisioned MISSING and the little bugger running rampant around my kitchen while I haphazardly slapped thin air with my broom) and went out the back door. Opened the bag away from me and Mickey bounded across the yard. Free at last.

Did I mention this entire saga occurred while I was FEEDING THE BLOOMING CATS???

Geez Louise. Maybe I should feed them less. So I got out the aluminimum foil & that steel wool stuff and replugged all the cracks, etc under the sink. (Old house. I skimped on this over the winter because it's been forever since I had a mouse!) Guess I'll have to grab some sticky
traps this weekend just to be on the safe side. And fewer kitty treats.


  1. Anonymous1:34 AM

    OMG I would have died. Funny about the cats though. Horrific about the mouse and spider. I think you handled it very well. I would be running around the garden screaming or something!

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.....ok I think the spider would have freaked me out more. BOTH are scary but Spiders eeeeeeeeeeeeek!


  3. Oh, I was screaming, no doubt about it! It may have been internal, but I was most definitely screaming, LOL :D

  4. Ohmygosh!!! You just about gave me a heart attack!!!

    I'm much more terrified of mice than just about anything else! Ack!!!

  5. I totally would have had a fit and fallen in it. Mice are adorable, but in cages.

    This reminds me of the time hubby found a bat in one of our kitchen cabinets....


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