Sunday, August 26, 2007


The eyeball, that is. Still "dry" and I have to put drops in at night cause it wakes me up all sore and scratchy. But much better! I can sew today! Yay!

One of my favorite bloggers across the pond, LazyLOL (who I for some reason think is an Angie too. Why don't I know this?) has tagged me with this:

Now I have to tell you some (technically 8, but I'm going to pretend I forgot that part in case I don't come up with that many. Shh.) things about myself.

1. I met my ex-husband in a thunderstorm pumping gas. He brought me an umbrella. If I didn't have this sweet memory, I would have forgotten a LONG time ago that I once loved him. Really.

2. I have horses that I name random Biblical names that roll off your tongue. Like Jericho...and Jebediah. They don't seem to mind.

3. I live in the same house I grew up in....and I can't seem to move the dishes, pots, pans or silverware from the spots my mother kept them. It would be sacrilege.

4. I'm allergic to spray paint. Which is a sore point with me because nothing makes me happier than a cloud of hot pink Krylon.

5. I broke my toes on a stairmaster once. I was trying to climb on...had one foot on the bar under the step then stepped ON that step with my other foot. Uh, it was a lot easier than it sounds. Broke me of that awful stairmaster habit too.

6. My last spinal vertebra is fused to my tailbone (whatever that bone is called. I should know this.) So is my mothers & my sisters. It's a genetic defect we share. Which tilts my hips to one left is higher than my right. This is only a problem on long sitting spells or car rides.

7. Which ties in to #6: I keep a book in the car to put under the right side of my bum to even up my hips. This lets the pressure off the weirdo fusible spine thingie.

8. (Wow, I'm more interesting than I thought.) I wrecked my first car at 14. Ran smack into a tree. I still have the scar on my thumb, where my hand flew into my mouth and sliced across my pointy vampire tooth. T'was all my brother Mike's fault. Him with his can full of pennies that went flying everywhere. Who wouldn't take their eyes off the road at that?!

And now I'm tagging Shannon of Frogs in a Bucket. She's way more interesting than me!


  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Glad to hear your eye is better - OUCH! BTW, I loved the fun facts!

  2. Thanks for the humorous post this morning! I like people who can laugh at themselves!

    I wonder if you have a corneal abrasion? the nurse in me says if it's not better today get to the MD and have them look in your eye with a slit lamp.

  3. Aw, thanks Amy! It's much better now. It was alot better by Sunday morning. I've done that before, once or twice. Just getting in a hurry taking out the contacts!


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