Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Christmas already?

Well if I don't start early, I'll never get it all done! Here's a tiered twirl skirt I made for Lu on Sunday afternoon. Bought the fabrics on Saturday, made the skirt on Sunday.

Now THAT doesn't happen very often!

No pattern used for the skirt, just math! (And I'm no LisaLaree with pulling out the trig or anything...just your basic This X 2 equals That.)

The leopard ruffles are roll-hemmed in red. Juki, have I mentioned I love thee lately? This serger is SO easy to thread! The Santa's in the middle print have just a bit of leopard on their hats.

I'm thinking a little red slip peeking out from underneath would be awfully cute. I've got red gauze that needs a purpose. I also purchased this ADORABLE reindeer doggie (a'la the Grinch) machine embroidery from Embroidery Garden this weekend for a tee.

Unfortunately any more sewing will have to wait for Sunday. I'm out of town until Saturday night!


  1. OMG that is soooo cute! You scared me for a minute there - first with buying it on Saturday and sewing in on Sunday then you through in the four letter M word, LOL! You are so good at combining prints and colors - I stick at that - guess I'll just have to enjoy your fabric combos.

  2. This idea is fantastic. Do you mind if I make it for my granddaughter, or I could picture myself...ah, no, let's not go there. I always wondered what people did with that Christmas fabric, now I am EXCITED.

  3. (when I saw the picture)
    Your ebay-boutique-sewing skills work great on this! I love the way you used the prints; Lu will be the envy of all her buddies!

    (and then I caught the trig reference and had to LOL)

    Wonder what I've got in my 'Christmas Fabric' bin....

  4. Sharon, Lisa scared me with the trig & the pennant sewing :D

    Sisdaboom...copy away!

    My ebay boutique sewing has come to a dead stop. I sewed more for other people's children in the past 2 years than I did for my own. There's something wrong with that.

    Lu is getting close to the age where it will be very uncool to wear something her mom made, even if other people would PAY her mom to do it, LOL. So I've halted my boutique sewing for the timebeing.

    In any case...thank you! It was fun to make!


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