Sunday, October 21, 2007

TuTu Tute

I considered calling this one Tie One On. (Because I crack myself up, :P)

The poodle skirt needs some pouf, and since I don't have time to make a pettieskirt with yards and yards of chiffon (the original plan) and I don't have time to run around searching for one ready made...I decided a tutu would work just as well...AND have the bonus of fantasy flitting around the house & yard with wings strapped to my, I mean Lu's, back.

Here's the quick & dirty Tied TuTu!

You need spools of netting (like they sell in the bridal or ribbon section of your crafts store):

For Lu's tutu I picked up a 100 yard spool of baby pink and two 25 yard spools of hot pink sparkle. (Bonus! It was 1/2 off so only $10 for all of it!) Lu is very tall, and we wanted her tutu to be roughly 18-20 inches long. You may not need as much for a shorter tutu (or girl!) We used every bit, but we got a very full tutu, too.

First, measure waist & sew elastic to this measurement in a circle:

Decide on your finished tutu length, and cut your tulle into strips double this amount. For example, for Lu's 20" tutu, we cut 40" strips.

This is easier than it sounds with the spools because I just stuck my thumb in the hole and spooled it off quickly on top of a measuring tape or ruler, then snip snip. Repeat. It went fast. I had all of the tulle cut in less than 20 minutes. You'll end up with piles of strips:

Now the fun part! You basically just tie each strip of tulle onto the circle of elastic in a square knot, leaving even tails:

Continue tying your strips, sliding each one snug up next to the previous one. Don't tie the knot too tightly until you get it in place.

As you work you'll end up with something like this:

When you get all the way around the elastic, take a length of coordinating ribbon, and tie it in the middle of one of your tulle strips as you tie it to the elastic:

This gives you a pretty bow!

Fluff your strips and Voila! Princess Puff! Vacuuming around here will never be the same.

(Just kiddin'. It really is Lu's. Altho I might have tried it on. Just for research purposes.)


  1. Ooo...this brings me back to a time when I truly believed that "fairy princess" was a valid career path!!

  2. Thanks for sharing that! It's inspired!

    I see a Christmas present for a niece here... ;)

  3. Wow, she's so cute in that tutu! Wish I had one of those when I was her age. I was dreaming of being a ballerina sigh

  4. that is so cool! i want one! i don't even have daughters or nieces to do 'research' for. :D

  5. I Love this! A couple of spools of netting wouldn't violate my "no new yardage" vow, would it?

    Shannon F

  6. I luv girly stuff! I also love tulle! the Christmas skirt is also adorable!


  7. What a great tutorial! And just in time for Halloween, too! Thanks for posting it.

  8. Tomorrow my friend and myself are going to visit some children in the hospital for Halloween. Music, crafts and face painting. Well, I am wearing a grown up version of the TuTu. It is a variation, more of a handkerchief hem, because I cut the tulle wrong. It sits way way out. This is all the funnier because I am 5'10", 68 years old and rather the opposite of delicate. We are so excited to play with the children and thanks to your brilliant idea I well may be the oldest, biggest ballerina to perform. Thanks JB.

  9. sisidaboom! You crack me up!! You MUST send me a picture!!!

  10. Anonymous4:47 PM

    how do you tie a square knot with elastic?

  11. You tie the tulle, not the elastic.

  12. Would you call this a tulle tute? Great tute, whatever the name. I can't wait to try this. Bunny

  13. I'm planning to make one of these but just trying to figure out how much fabric I'll need. How wide is the fabric you used?

  14. Sophie, the tulle rolls are strips about 6" wide. Hope that helps! It would definitely be cheaper to cut your own tulle into strips, but if you can catch the rolls on sale for 50% off (or use a Joanns or Michael's coupon, etc) then its SO much more convenient!


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