Friday, October 12, 2007

I have joined the 21st Century and have HIGH SPEED INTERNET!!! Woohoo!

The afternoon they installed the DSL lines up the road...I got my tail on the phone and ordered. :P

In other geek news...Elizabeth Weir is EVERYWHERE. My favorite character has been kicked off of Stargate Atlantis. Now, I was never a Stargate fan...but the kids & I have watched Atlantis since the pilot. And we LOVE Elizabeth!

Her character (and another much loved character) were rather unceremoniously dumped at the end of last season due to the original Stargate being one of their old cast members was being added to Atlantis. Bah.

While I understand that television is fickle, and a tough business to boot...this whole mess has been a widely unpopular decision. You would think that producers, advisors, executives would pay more attention to fans (especially when you're selling a genre series). Meanwhile, in an odd turn of events, every major Stargate covering website (offiicial and non) have carried a picture of Dr. Weir as their page header since the new (blah) season began. Odd, no?

We'll miss Elizabeth (& Dr. Beckett) at our house. Those of you who remember my kitty adventure last year, remember we named all the kitties after the SGA cast. JohnShepherd & Rodney are still here with us! Here are a couple of favorite Weir moments in homage (not because you want to see em, but because its my blog and I can.)

boss lady.


In sewing little Lu needs a pink poodle skirt for a cheerleading event, and I nostalgically dragged out my pink poodle skirt my mom made me when I was 13. How time flies (and wow, my waist was so tiny!)

More lator, gators!


  1. I hear you! I remember when (not so very long ago) that we finally gave in and got high speed Internet.

    And, I can't believe you still have a poodle skirt from when you were 13! I want to know if you have a picture of you wearing it then and will you post it? :-)

  2. Heck I might! I'll see if I can find it this weekend! Fun!!


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