Sunday, October 28, 2007

Small Souls

Most of you know I'm a high school teacher in my "day job". I teach computer applications to 9-12 graders. (Thus explaining the occasional looney escapism on the blog.) Sometimes I don't enjoy my job. There I said it. It's a tough job. The pay is lousy, the hours long (how about neverending), and I dream about the things I should have done differently.

Which means I eat, sleep & breathe school.

I'm inspired by really great teachers, though, and sometimes at a conference I'll meet someone who gets me all excited again. That happened this week. This is a shout-out to Misty Freeman in Georgia, who is an amazing teacher and tickled my mojo this week.

Misty believes in the Take One Teach One philosophy, and since I've taken some of her ideas away with me, I'm Teaching One here to all of you (some of you are also teachers!)

This movie makes me cry and inspires me to be a better mother & a better teacher every time I watch it. It will move you to view your students (and your children for those of you who are just moms) in a whole different light...and give you an inkling of the huge weight of responsibility that lies on the shoulders of every teacher in the world.

Grab a hankie.

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