Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello, stranger

Returning to school has kicked my bum. :D So I haven't had time for sewing or crafties...but I DO have pretties to show you. First, some flea market treasures...

gorgeous vintage lace dressing gown

with rhinestone button closure!

Not to invoke the M word or anything, but Martha Stewart once showed us a funky old toolbox that she had refurbished for a crafts box. I've been on the lookout for one ever since! Bingo! Mine will be pink.

Some darling vintage buttons next...

And the postman has been dropping off some goodies nearly every day the past week! Some gorgeous pink leaf beads, candy color flowers, & sweet little brass bird charms from Epoch Beads on etsy.

And today I got a shipment of decorating/craft books! The front book in this pile is BEAUTIFUL! I can't recommend it enough. I was enthralled from start to finish.

(Crafty kitty helped with the photos. )


  1. I love your cat. The chair you re furbished.....your comments and your resolutions. I think crafting paiting...your own style are such worthy goals. Go for it girl. OOOh I almsot forgot your scotty dog is terrific. Sell some of those...there is a whole world of scotty dog lovers out there that would snatch one of those up in a heart beat. Such a stylish and lovable guy. He needs a name if you have not given him one. Just adorable!!! Have a great night. Pat

  2. Hey, my middle daughter is named Jemimah. Love your site. Your site looks so much like my oldest daughters miastoriadivita.blogspot.com
    so glad I found you.

  3. Thank you Pat & Tanya! It's always nice to see new faces :)

  4. i found you on heidi's blog ... fun things you have going on!!

  5. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Hello Jemima,
    i made the pompadour form "sew pretty homestyle" (the last post at: alanina.wordpress.com)

  6. *drool*!!! You just made me want to hit the thrift stores again. It's been awhile now...


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