Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, New Look

Um, I spent way too much time on this.

And now I'm gonna go have a bologna sandwich. Happy 1st day of 2008!!

UPDATE: I forget some of the world uses IE. Phooey. New blogfantastico isn't pretty nor fantastic in IE. If you got to see it in Firefox, le sigh. Working on it now, but I'm getting tired so it may be tomorrow before I figure it out. CSS makes my head hurt.

UPDATE Pt 2: It's fixed! Yay!

ps...so, what are your thoughts on playlists? I don't always like to have them pop up unexpectedly on blogs, but I do like seeing & hearing what others are listening to. I've found a lot of great music through other people's blogs!


  1. Happy New Year!

    I love your new look.

    I have just been catching up with your last few post and OMG what fab things you've been making. I have never tried machine embriodery before or even seen that much of it but now i want a machine that will do it! oh no more spending! You will have to give me some beginners tips!
    (hehe - the work verification just made laugh because it contained 'usew')

  2. The new look is so cool!!

  3. Thank you! I'm just glad you can actually see it :D

  4. i love playlists, though i mostly read blogs through bloglines, so a written out list is better. :)

    the new look is great!

  5. Love the look - and it shows up on Safari with no probs. I have no idea what playlists are, and my knowledge of music isn't very much greater - so do what you want ;). I just don't like anything that pops up and blocks my blog reading, or starts playing/etc anything on loading up - I've got slow-speed!

    Jenna, who's been reading at least a couple of months, but has no idea if she's ever commented before.

  6. I think it looks great... and I'm on the dreaded IE. :-) As for playlists, I have to admit I keep my speakers off 99% of the time. I just don't like having sound if I'm not ready for it.

  7. thanks for the input girlies! I agree I'm afraid. I've been visiting this one blog and her music BLARES everytime the blog opens and it scares the bejeezes out of me. I hate it, so I'm guessing that's my answer, LOL!

  8. I love that new look! I have been looking like crazy for a new look for my blog- but have yet to find what I want. Did you design it yourself?


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