Sunday, January 27, 2008

So sweet

it'll make your teeth hurt! Would you LOOK at this darling little bear:

It was crafted by Jennifer Stanfield of nimbleknot. She is amazing! She has an Etsy store & an eBay store too, but I think she's working on commissions right now so both are empty.

I've been fascinated by needlefelting for oh, at least 2 years. I first fell in love with these tiny wool cuties in this book:

But frankly, other than oohing and ahhing, I skimmed over the pretties because a) I don't read Japanese, and b) I thought needlefelting was jabbing an oddly shaped needle into a flat piece of fabric/felt. How in the world did THAT equal these little 3-dimensional animals??

But flickr has persuaded me that I must learn to do this. You know, in all that spare time I've got lying around. And google has provided a couple of tutes. Here's one with basic instruction for dolly shapes. Here's another (rather complicated) dolly head & body tutorial.

But THIS one is the where the lightbulb a-HA moment hit me.

A little more seraching revealed that Martha has a video too, a how-to for a sweet little chick. View it here. Even features one of my favorite flickr artists, Jenn Docherty!
I mean just look at these bunnies she made! I could eat them up!

And lest you think I spend all my time looking at other people's projects (shut up) and never get to my's a sneak peek of a few soon to be yummies for Lu:

although if I don't get my buns off the net I'll still be here next Sunday, wondering why none of my lovely projects are finished. laters!

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  1. oooh great tutorials, thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what you make with those yummy fabrics!


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