Friday, January 04, 2008


I normally forgoe the traditional setting of goals & resolutions for the new year. However.

I'm floundering a bit here, in my personal life. Partly because there's so much to do and so much to see, and so much I haven't even begun to plan to want to do yet! The world, my world, is spinning faster and faster every year and I think goals might help me focus. So.

Ah hem. Here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2008. (2008? Where the blazes did 2007 go??)

1. Rediscover painting. I used to love to paint! And I'm not talking about oils & landscapes. I'm talking about good old fashioned acrylics and some fun little wood pieces. Before I sewed, I handcrafted little vintage-esque toys, usually painted wood. I let this craft go because not so many people were interested in vintage back then. Ho ho, times change!

2. Spend less time on the net. Sorry chickies. I spend WAY too much time surfing your blogs (and recently Flickr accounts) and I can't do above painting, OR sewing if I'm on the net all the time. But I lub you all. (And notice I didn't state a time frame. hee.)

3. Take back my style. For some reason, a few years ago I gradually let go of picking things for my home & life that I love. Mainly because I love kitschy, retro and shabby, chipped things and several years ago I was just another weirdo haunting flea markets and backyard sales for other people's trashy rejects. Then Shabby Chic became all the rage and all that stuff went WAAYY out of my price range. So I let that go too and sort of adopted a nondescript, blander version of my style. I want my kitsch, dammit. A-flea-marketing-I'll-go!!

4. Embrace my inner craft geek. I've also lost my glue-gun at the ready-side. After I joined the world of "working adults", being crafty was kind of an embarrassment. And with my busy life & schedule I shrugged off a pastime that truly gives me joy AND a creative release. I've seen more adorable projects this Christmas break, many in tune with things I used to make in the good old days! Who knew there were so many frou frou girly crafters just like me out there?! I want to join the fun again!

5. Sew for Lu & I ...for love. Too often I sew for a "reason". Like a custom order for a client...or an event Lu or I have coming. I want to sew just for the heck of it, because its fun and enjoyable, without deadlines.

I could go on and on (um, really want to beef up my photography skills. And you know, vacuum more often to make my ma proud. Those kinds of things.) But I think these 5 suffice. AND these 5 are at the heart of my personal struggles dealing with which direction I should take creatively.

In other news...I just signed up for Flickr & installed my little badge thingie over there on the right. I've been searching for my buddies out there in blogland, so if you have a flickr make me a contact & I'll do the same! (For whatever reason, I just now "get" Flickr. And I'm seriously addicted.)


  1. Those sound like really good resolutions, particularly the being true to yourself.

  2. Very delicious new look. It was worth the effort.sisi

  3. A very positive and do-able list, made up of things that will make you happy and bring joy to your life. Those kinds of goals, resolutions, whatever you call it are easy to achieve.
    It took me a while to get the whole flickr appeal too. I'd be so lost without it now though.
    Happy New Year. May 2008 your kitchiest, cratftiest, year ever!

  4. I'm adopting a few of your resolutions for myself. I love so many types of crafts but most have been set aside because they take time away from what could be earning me money. I need to get back to doing some things, even sewing, just because I enjoy it and not because I need some money. :-)

    I guess I need to see what flickr is all about now. I'm so behind...


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