Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ottobre Woman 2-2007: Capri

These started out as my muslin, but they turned out so good, I wore them to work today!! (excuse the wrinkles!)

This is the Wide-Leg Capri Pant from Ottobre Woman 2-2007. I have been wanting to make these ever since I saw JuliaS' wonderful capri's on PR. I'm pretty amazed at how few alterations I will need to make these really nice-fitting pants!

My measurements put me between a 48 and 50 in Ottobre's size charts, but I'm chicken and always expect LOTS of alterations, so I cut a 52. I used a fairly lightweight cotton gabardine from stash (no stretch).

For this pair, I made NO alterations whatsoever to the pattern, because I wanted a true muslin. They fit pretty awesome right out of the box!! They are definitely a size too big, especially through the waist, which I tugged at all day to keep from slipping down. I probably could have used a 48 in the waist area. (I will probably trace off a 46 waist, 48 pant for those times when I want to use a stretch woven, because there is lots of room in this non-stretchy fabric.)

Since I sew and expect a REALLY good fit, there are things I will still change. There's something going on in the crotch area, but it's hard to decipher since the pants are so roomy (I can pull these on and off without unfastening the waist/unzipping!) I think I need to scoop out the back crotch a bit. They also sit pretty far down from my waist (definitely more than an inch) and I will be raising that. Don't want to be flashing anyone!

Here's a back view:

Really, not a bad fit in the back either, although I do have some smile lines! Is that the crotch thing?? But you know, these fit as good or better as any RTW pants I own. (I'd really like PERFECT capris, still, of course!)

When I cut these out, I only cut one waistband and forgot to cut the facing! Duh. Since they were a muslin and I was feeling frisky, I cut the facings from zebra quilting cotton. :D (And I smiled every time I went to the restroom today and saw that waist facing!) I also used trouser hooks instead of buttons on the waistband tab.

I really, really like these pants. And they went together SO fast. The instructions were pretty straightforward, although I did use Sandra Betzina's Fly Zip tutorial from Power Sewing (I always watch the video on the Threads website if I need a refresher too!)

I'll be making more of these for sure! And I'm pretty excited about trying out the denim capri's in the same issue out of some stretch denim in stash.


  1. That zebra facing is fun! Cute, unexpected stuff inside is something that my daughter really likes on RTW pants. Not to be too personal, but do you have a relatively flat bottom? Your wrinkles look like ones I get in RTW slacks.

  2. Thanks Paula! My bottom used to poke out a lot more, but it gets flatter all the time, LOL! That may be what the problem is there!

  3. Anonymous7:32 PM

    tee hee, you are definitely reading my mind angie, lol
    your capris look great and love the zebra,, makes me what to pull out of something animal related to wear tomorrow for work,, hmmm, perhaps some shoes, lol

  4. That zebra facing is hot! Great job, Angie!

  5. OH my! they are soo cute. LOVE the animal factor :) Nice job.

  6. I think the most rewarding thing about sewing is making pants. It is so hard to find RTW ones that actually fit!

  7. I've heard of ottobre before.... Is it sold here in the U.S? Or does it have to be ordered abroad? I'm curious to check one out, I've seen some pretty clothes designed from them.


  8. Crikey, you've been busy with the sewing machine lately. Cute capri's! I love that you used the zebra fabric for the facing. Lots of useful tips too - thanks x

  9. I can see how cute you'll be this summer in capris and skirts. Those are some great things you've been making. You've been getting my creative juices going. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I just LOVE this pattern; it is such a good fit for me. Your version looks great, and I bet with a few more tweaks it will be as good as you want.

  11. These capris look great on you! They remind me of how much summer sewing I want to do but am currently on hiatus due to my schedule.


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