Monday, September 01, 2008

Fruits of my Labor Day

Instead of hotdogs, burgers, and potato salad on the lakeshore, I had Chinese food at the mall with a couple of girlfriends! Gave me a good excuse to wear my Asian print lounge-y pants made from Simplicity 5074:

I was inspired by a similar pair in a Boston Something or Other catalog I got in the mail several months ago. You know how much I like big prints on my butt. These are so comfy and cool...and they're super fast to make. Drawstring waist in front/sides, with elastic in the back. I hemmed these quite a bit shorter than my last few pairs (no reason. Just did.)

These are my favorite quickie pant. Especially conducive to those times you find you have a big butt print lying around.

After Chinese food, we went to see this:

and now we are most definitely on the lookout for some shiny sequined spandex. And maybe some platform boots. Because a reenactment simply must be done.

Just call me Merle.


  1. LOVE your pants. Sometimes I think I need to work harder to get prints into my wardrobe; I love them but I'm always sewing these tasteful neutrals, especially on skirts/pants. Who needs tasteful? :)

  2. Slacker? SLACKER?? ROFLOL!! You know ... you've GOT to give me your email address so I don't have to make these public responses.

    I FINALLY finished my capris too. It only took me FORever.

  3. Oh sheesh ... and I forgot to say, cute pants!!

  4. Love, Love, LOVE these pants! They are so adorable and they look great on you! Awesome print, too. And isn't Mama Mia just the BEST movie? I saw it a couple of weeks ago and I'm still singing along!

    Shannon F

  5. VERY cute pants. I'm dying to see that movie. We don't get to the theater very often because of having young kids.

  6. Cute pants! You liked the movie? It's a musical (mainly) I hear! I'll have to wait until it's on the PayPerView channel here. I never *get* to go to the movies!!!

  7. I will have to wait for it to go on dvd, my dh is will have a cardio arrest if I took him to see mamma mia, your pants look very comfy

  8. Great pants, Angie! And as for the movie, our staff is trying to work it into our Homecoming Lip sync, sequins bell bottoms and all!


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